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Ancient Evenings by Norman Mailer

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An epic history of ancient Egypt spanning generations of pharaohs.

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excerpt from ancient evenings by norman Mailer, the three brothers Horace Osiris and Set and the sisters Isis, and never lived in a house full of bad omens, even as Children. They played it treachery, and dreamed of murder. The Curse of Raw passed into the marriage of Isis and Osiris, and the Marriage of Set and nephritis. Yet! What a difference between them. Isis loved Osiris and found him more attractive than herself. Whereas Neff, this was miserable. Sets body scorched her belly under the fire of his temper. She felt the stones of the desert. How can my name be Victory? Asked if my womb burns when he enters me. But Osiris was as cool as the shade of an oasis. His fingers were tender when he passed a dish, there came a night when nephritis betrayed her husband with Osiris. Now set had a plant which bloomed each night on his return. Yet this evening the plant was limp. Lift! Your face, said. Set, for I am here in response. The plant fell dead now, said, knew that this was with Osiris, and when she came back he could see that the night with his brother had been more beautiful to her than any hour with him.