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Salem's Lot by Stephen King

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The classic novel from the master of horror.

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excerpt from Salem's lot by Stephen King Danny stumbled out from the trees and collapsed beside the backyard barbecue. He was dazed and slow spoken, responding to questions ploddingly, and not always sensibly. There was grass in his cuffs, and a few autumn leaves in his hair. He told his father that he and ralphie had gone down the path through the woods, had crossed, Crockett, broke by the stepping stones, and had gotten up the other bank with no trouble. Then ralphie began to talk about a ghost in the woods. Then he neglected to mention. He had put this idea in his brother's head. Ralphie said he could see a face. Danny began to be frightened. He didn't believe in ghosts or any kids, stuff like the boogeyman, but he did think he had heard something in the dark. What did they do then Danny thought they had started to walk again, holding hands. He wasn't sure Ralphie had been whimpering about the ghost Danny told him not to cry, because soon they would be able to see the street lights of joint or avenue. It was only 200 steps, maybe less then. Something bad had happened. What? What was the bad thing? Danny didn't know. They argued with him. Grew excited expose related Danny only shook his head slowly and uncomprehending lee. Yes, he knew he should remember, but he couldn't honestly, he couldn't know. He didn't remember falling over anything. Just everything was dark, very dark and the next thing he remembered was lying on the path by himself ralphie was gone