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The Talented Mr. Ripley by Patricia Highsmith

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The classic mid-century psychological thriller.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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Excerpt from the talented Mr Ripley by Patricia Highsmith. Hello, The american voice said out of the semi darkness of the hall, Dickie? It's Freddy. Tom took a step back, holding the door open. He's, won't you come in? He's not here right now. He should be back in a little later. Freddie. Miles came in, looking around, his ugly, freckled face gawked in every direction. How in **** had he found the place? Tom wondered Tom slipped his rings off quickly and pocketed them. And what else? He glanced around the room. You're staying with him, Freddy asked, with that walleyed stare that made his face look idiotic and rather scared. Oh, no, I'm just staying here for a few hours. Tom said casually, removing the seahorse shirt. He had another shirt on under it. Dickie's out for lunch. Oh, Tello's. I think he said he should be back around three at the latest. One of the buffets must have let Freddy in Tom thought and told him which bell depressed and told him sign a green leaf was in to Freddie had probably said he was an old friend of Dickie's now he would have to get Freddie out of the house without running into senora buffet downstairs because she always sang out bonjour. No sign of Greenleaf. I met you in Montebello. Didn't I Freddie asked. Aren't you Tom? I thought you were coming to Cortina? I couldn't make it. Thanks. How was Cortina O fine. What happened to Dickie. Didn't he write you? He decided to spend the winter in Rome. He told me he'd written you not a word unless he wrote to Florence, but I was in Salzburg and he had my address Freddy half set on Tom's long table Rampling the green silk runner. He smiled, marge told me he moved to Rome, but she didn't have any address except the american Express. It was only by the damnedest luck. I found his apartment. I ran into somebody at the Greco last night. Who just happened to know his address. What's this idea of who? Tom? Asked an american. Know an italian fellow. Just a young kid. Freddie was looking at tom's shoes. You've got the same kind of shoes, Dicky and I have.