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MN-E-Learning Demo (knowledgeable, articulate, believable)

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Voice Over • Elearning


Various clips from e-learning projects I've recorded for various clients.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


Canadian, North American, US General American (GenAm)


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basic geometry tells us that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. If that's the case, then why don't airplanes travel across the pacific ocean? In order to answer this question? We need to put down our maps and instead look at the earth as the three dimensional structure. That it is. Mindfulness. Doesn't have to be this mysterious daunting concept at its core. It's actually quite simple and the power to calm your body and mind can be cultivated in as little as 10 minutes a day. The term Blockchain has actually been around for a while. It was coined by a cryptographer at Berkeley in 1982. But the first practical application of this technology came in 2009 with the introduction of the world's first Cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin. Hello and welcome to fitness camp elite by platinum gym. Congratulations on taking the first step on your journey to a healthier you. Before we begin, please fully complete the questionnaire on your screen to help us design a personalized program for your specific fitness goals and needs, What is information security or info sec for short your employer stores sensitive information that must be protected. One of the ways they protect this information is with cybersecurity training in this module, we will learn how to spot security breaches as well as third party cyber threats