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this is an excerpt from \"the grat shark hunt\" by Hunter Thompson. I love giving words life, melody and texture.

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Acosta has been practicing law in the barrio for three years. I met him a bit earlier than that in another era, which hardly matters here except that it might be a trifle less than fair to run the story all the way out to the end without saying at least once for the record that Oscar is an old friend and occasional antagonist. I first met him as I recall in a bar called the daisy Duck in Aspen when he lumbered up to me and stirred and started raving about ripping the system apart like a pile of cheap hay or something like that. And I remember thinking, well, here's another one of those ****** up guilt craze to drop out lawyers from san Francisco, some dingbat who ate one too many tacos and decided he was really Emiliano Zapata, which was okay I felt, but it was a hard act to handle in aspen in that high white summer of 1967. That was the era of Sergent pepper, the surrealistic pillow and the original buffalo Springfield. It was a good year for everybody or for most people anyway, there were exceptions, as always, Lyndon johnson was one and Oscar Acosta was another for entirely different reasons. That was not a good summer to be either the president of the United States or an angry mexican lawyer in Aspen