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The Expanded Biology of Serotonin

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A reading of the abstract of 'The Expanded Biology of Serotonin' by Berger, Gray & Roth (2009). Published in The Annual Review of Medicine. No. 60, pp355-366.

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the expanded Biology of serotonin by Miles Burger, Johnny Grey and Brian L. Roth. Published in the annual Review of Medicine 2000 and nine. Abstract Serotonin is perhaps best known as the neuro transmitter that modulates neural activity and a wide range of neuropsychological processes and drugs that target serotonin receptors are used widely in psychiatry and neurology. However, most serotonin is found outside the central nervous system, and virtually all of the 15 serotonin receptors are expressed outside as well as within the brain. Serotonin regulates numerous biological processes, including cardiovascular function, bowel motility, ejaculate, torrey latency and bladder control. Additionally, new work suggests that serotonin may regulate some processes, including platelet aggregation by receptor independent trans glute Amina is Dependent Co violent linkage to Cellular Proteins. We review this new expanded serotonin biology and discuss how drugs targeting specific serotonin receptors are beginning to help treat a wide range of diseases.