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Narration - Middle Grade Fiction - The Gator in a Tux

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Female teen. Middle grade mystery genre. Recorded and edited.

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Teen (13-17)


North American, US General American (GenAm)


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I know diamond is beside me because her brand new diamond nose piercing gleams in the moonlight. Everything else about her is black, black jeans, beanie t boots vest, even her skin seems darker in tone. Diamond Deluca, the italian chameleon I on the other hand, and the blond haired, brown eyed caucasian product of my Floridian mother and whoever happened to get her pregnant with me. It happens to use my friend Rocco's phrase all to say that combined with my usual sundress, means I'm not cleverly camouflaged for clandestine activities. It's been a month since we solved the missing time capsule case and the summer transitioned into late june, which in florida is simply code for even hotter than last month. For the past hour. Diamond and I have been squatting behind a bottle brush bush in the historic downtown area between the heat. The bugs and our own smelly sweat are good humor was zapped pretty much within the 1st 10 minutes of this gig, we've been stalking out a small brick and wood house Following a tip that Maura Alva piper Island's creepiest girl is scheduled to visit her boyfriend, Julian needs also creepy Together they make well, let's just say an interesting couple at school. We tend to give them a wide berth. Mara Alva is the daughter of the local taxidermist. She tends to enjoy detailing the preserving process of every animal. They do. I might be wrong, but don't serial killers start that way. Anyway, mara alva was recently seen propping a preserved armadillo dressed in a tiny suit on the front porch, swing of old lady Henrietta's house which would be funny except old Lady Henrietta had such a scare. She fell and broke her ankle. Mara alva promptly disappeared. That was yesterday and no one's seen her since old Lady Henrietta always wears her gray hair and tight little curls that remind me of sausage rolls. Also, she sucks her teeth or rather dentures. These two facts have nothing to do with anything except it's what I always think of when I hear her name, she owns the local pet store, animal trot and she's always been nice to me. So Diamond and I have taken it upon ourselves to track down Maura Alva because lord knows our island's law enforcement isn't going to do anything law enforcement, meaning officer Krall who happens to think I'm guilty of everything that goes on around here. This has everything to do with the fact he busted my mom during one of her cons at the time I was helping her, granted that was three years ago. But officer crawl has a long memory. He keeps one eye on me at All Times. But back to what I was starting to say for the past month Diamond and I have been running piper investigations. It used to belong to my grandparents, God rest their souls as of a month ago and after solving the time capsule case. I reopened the business and brought diamond in as my partner seeing as her dad is a real life private investigator. She's got the skills and connections. I need all the help I can get. We run the business out of the playhouse in my backyard. Other than the reward money we made from locating the time capsule were broke. But that's not the point. Justice is the point. I think we're done here. Diamond says, I'm the one who obtained the intel on Mara alva making an appearance tonight. Clearly my intel aka Julian, the boyfriend yanked my chain. I spoke with Julian needs this morning. I explained he could be an accessory to the crime and that made him cooperate. No, but then I said, I saw Mara Alva making out with another boy. Diamonds lips twitch. I'm assuming that was a lie. Yes, I don't feel bad about the license Maura Alva made old lady Henrietta break her ankle. It's exactly what I would have done. But it looks like Julian tipped off Maura. Maybe he didn't believe your lie. Maybe I checked the time on my phone. We have about an hour before Aunt Grace gets out of bingo by then I need to be back home. Given the diamond is spending the night with me, we both need to be back at my home. We could circle back around to Mara Alvis house. Diamond says and we both cringe if Maura is creepy, her house is even creepier. It's not a house. You approach in the night. We fall silent as a bicycle approaches in the dark and with no reflectors or lights, I can't make out who is writing. The bike comes to a stop, the person gets off and leaving the wheels propped against the house cuts off down the side yard. You think that's Maura Diamond whispers.