Narration Demo for Mary Jo Ip



Clear, Instructive/Sharing, TV/Radio
A voice made for easy listening...

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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Theo. Aliens have landed. Right now, 100 trillion life forms have taken up residence on you and inside of you microscopic bacteria, fungi, animals, things that don't fall into easy categories. You have five new messages and 12 saved messages. First message from 415 6869275 Received on Monday, 4 59 PM Mac was the first brand in the cosmetic industry to invest in the training and education of its makeup counter personnel. While most makeup consultants simply apply the products during a consultation, the MAC artist is encouraged to collaborate with the customer. B cells at different stages of development can be distinguished from one another by the surface molecules they express. One of these surface molecules is CD 20 cdy, 20 appears after the probie stage of development and disappears in B cells that have differentiated into antibody producing plasma cells. Three talented pastry chefs competing for one big break, one shot at a chance to be mentored by one of the world's most celebrated pastry chefs. Two hours to create a three course dessert tasting menu that will excite the palates of two of the world's most demanding dessert judges