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Samples chosen from subject matter near and dear to me!

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Nashville is a cultural boomtown Over the last two decades, it's gone from a regional music spot to one of the most exciting cities in America with acclaimed restaurants, chic hotels and tons of new breweries. But despite all this growth, Nashville has remained true to its blue collar roots with most venomous snakes. It's not the initial bite that kills you. Their venom is designed to immobilize their prey, allowing them to attack or in some cases devour their prey whole without any resistance. So while the snake's venom may not be deadly per se. That's cold comfort for its ill fated victim. Agent Stillman rounded the corner and surveyed the crowd. It was mostly tourists enjoying a crisp sunday afternoon in Washington. But across the promenade, Stillman saw a woman in a long black coat with the blue baseball cap. It was exactly what he was looking for. Tony Robbins is a brilliant speaker, but that's not the secret to his success. When Robin's encourages people to be greater than their challenges, he knows what he's talking about because he's lived that life himself After an abusive childhood Robbins ran away when he was 17 working as a janitor while his peers were in college, but he never gave up