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everything you're pretty good at now. You were once while pretty bad at, but you learned and got better that experience. We believe it's the same with managing your credit. You may not be good at it now, but that's OK because credit isn't just a score. It's a skill, and you can get better experience. Be better at credit this year. Skip the insanity at the mall and had to river win for holiday shopping. Gone wild. All you have to do is playing the machines with your wild card, and you are cash to buy really cool gifts in the shopping spree on December 12th and 13th. It's that easy BSF way. Don't make the cooler way. Make it cool way. Don't make the gene's way. Make them blue way. Don't make the toys way. Make them tougher. BSF way. Don't make a lot of the products you buy way. Make a lot of products you buy better. You don't think much about it. You never dwell on how it was made. It's just a blanket, after all. But when everything else has been lost, comfort it provides is immeasurable. Three. American Red Cross brings hope and help to people in need every eight minutes every day. Hi, my name's Eric. I'm a chamber member and a teacher. My students always ask, Why do we need to learn this or that? Well, thanks to a wise Theo Chambers Workplace Institute for educators, I can answer them.