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It showcases a variety of characters I've created along with sides from different animation projects. I believe this showcases my range for voice acting, my ability to create unique and interesting characters, and ability to showcase different emotions through my voice.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (Canadian-General) North American (General) North American (US New York, New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn)


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Matthew Walker. Seriously, Mr Richards, I'm actually gonna go to the bathroom today. Just because the last 20 times I said that I ran away doesn't mean this will be the 21st. Mom for the last time. My name's Echo, not James. Either way, please let me have some friends over tonight. It's just a small get together. It's not a party, I guess. Like I don't like 20 people will come. It's stolen a party, right? Vanessa, what a coincidence. Seeing you on the same field, You know, I want Quarterback of the Year award last year. If only you would call me back, get it? Cause quarterback rhymes with Call me back. Uh, And so it begins the mission to be the first dog on Mars training Log Day one. Uh, Daisy isn't your show. Like Solo. You've got a lot of nerve copping an attitude all the time. Some of us worked really hard to get here. And we all know the only reason you're here is because of Shiro. Who knows why I thought you were worth the trouble. I've been a camp counselor for three years and earned all 30 badges of excellence each representing weeks of hard work, toil, sweat and the culmination of my built up skills. And what What are you What are you doing? How dare you! You can't throw mud at my sacred badges and run away, Blake. Hey, I'm Johnny. And unfortunately for you, I'll be your barista for today. Where you get so Canadian, eh? Get it? Because just laugh at my jokes, or I'll beat you with a beaver. Sorry. I suppose the feeling just comes to me. The right person. Did you want to or I will let you know what I'm ready you to do. Besides, the little kisses are what? Wonderful. Yeah, of course. Here we go. Here we ******* go again. It's always gonna be my fault, right? Right. Right. Because I'm the troublemaking middle child Trope. What else is new?