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Voice Over • Animation


From little boys to evil queens to reluctantly helpful goblins, I've got the voice for your next project.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American


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reporting live from? Oh dear God, where are we? Thank you. W. X. R. Z. I'm Karen Marilson here on Saturn's eighth ring, heartless, you idiot. Of course I have a heart. Do you really think that you are capable of making it stop. We know the imposter. Princess strength is in that amulet. We've got to figure out a way to get it away from him. We have to stop them before midnight. Listen up squirrels. Today we're going over nuts again. Which? One of these nuts Is not like the other nuts? It's peanuts. Everyone searching chad steel file found. You must weigh what? £110. You're not a threat. Level three. Okay sally. This is the iguana done. Mom Sally took my iguana Don. I'm standing right on the power room. Watch out as I transform into my lightning form. You said you didn't want any help from a goblin? Fine first you've got to move this rock, then follow me down this much. Oops! See you never would have made it without my help. I'd like to thank everyone for tuning into live cast of Caylee's corner to celebrate my seventh subscriber. I'll show you my new shoes. You line up possum family. Where's Jeffrey? You boys left him at that bug invested log where we ate lunch. Okay