McLean Peterson - Commercial Reel

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McLean shares a Pantene Hair Commercial, narrates a virtual tour of a new eco friendly building, helps demonstrate Loews' new Pergo floor qualities, and advertises apartmentguie dot com.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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want to turn dull hair into electric shine in just 10 days. Try Pantene Pro V. Pantene Pro V for unstoppable shine. The Pantene Pro vitamin formula radiates through every strand for up to 85% more electric shine in 10 days, guaranteed dull hair was so 10 days ago. Pantene shine. That's the beauty of health. In the more than 22,000 square meters of the new building and in each of its 34 classrooms, you will find learning and colleagues that will accompany you throughout your studies. So stay alert. Every room, Every space, every corner hides an opportunity to learn and experience something unique. Pergo timber craft, waterproof, laminated wood floors. They're water proof and watertight, guaranteed with the industry's only surface and sub floor, waterproof warranty, realistic wood looks and Pergo durability. Now to 99 per square foot at Lowe's wearing out your welcome. Keep your friends in search for your own place at apartment guide dot com. You'll see more listings with more photos and more floor plans than any place on the web. You've read the book now, get the big picture apartment guide dot com. Find your place