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Meghan Galloway. So, like, I've noticed, your vibe has been, like, negative. Like it's for really about, like, All right. Like, basically, I feel like you need more of a positive energy. You know what I do when I start worrying? I stopped thinking about things going wrong and think about those very same things going great. It's more fun than worrying. And when you think something will turn out great, it almost always does. It's all on you, Chris. I've got your back. Watch out. It's firing some sort of projectiles. Okay, Okay. So the energy I was outside and I saw this huge huge. You drive it. He had these Really, with the young years, like there were bigger than me. That's how big a work Mama says. I have big ears, but his years bigger. Mr. Benson's office. I'm sorry. He's not in right now. Can I take a message?