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Megan Stein Animation Demos

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Megan Stein Animation Demos

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English (North American)

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Teen (13-17)


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Oh my God devon I am like so sorry wearing the same outfit as you is like not that big of a deal. It was just on sale and you know how strict my mom is about my cost of living. Oh my God! Nice shoes. Where'd you get those? Mayday? Mayday. This is crystal blade of the star wing. Were stranded on an island in beacons nest. We need help and medical supplies. Please come in, come on, come on, come on Mayday. Mayday. This is crystal blade of them. Damn it. Okay. We need a signal. Fuel the flames. I can do that. I don't understand why you want to go to this party. I can tell you exactly what is going to happen. Stacy's gonna drink too much and start crying over Tyler C and then Becca's gonna kick everyone out when her parents get home early. Like they do every time. God I hate high school. I can't wait until I graduate and I can leave this lame town behind. Don't, I can't hug you. I can't explain it. But since friday things are just happening to me like I touched a doorknob and all of a sudden the door turns to ice. I sit on the subway and the whole car drops to 3° below zero. I know it sounds crazy but I'm scared. Q what's happening to me? I'm getting real tired of you insinuating things. I earned my diploma okay with You know three easy payments of 1499 that was paid in full on a credit card that I legally got from a guy who was sleeping while I was at his house. Unbeknownst to him, you know what? Who cares? I am a graduate now onward and upward baby. Yeah.