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Children's short story, english, canadian female, voice characters

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This was a short story about belonging when you are different. There were 3 main charactrs (mom, boy, squirrel) I created voice effects for the squirrels and layered a group of taunting / layghing voices. Client was very pleased with the final outcome.

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Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Child (5-12)


Canadian, North American


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Terry was a special type of squirrel. He could glide through the skies and fly so high. However, the other squirrels never accepted terry for being different. They made fun of him, called him weird names and joked about him. Terry felt like he never belonged with them. I don't know why I am so different. He always wondered one day the other squirrels were playing with the acorns. When terry came. The freak is here! People fly away with our acorns. They giggled and screamed. Within a few seconds they all disappeared. Leaving terry all alone. Terry felt so sad and upset. He decided to visit a tree farther away from where his colony was, and by sheer luck he wandered into a backyard.