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This is a repeat client of mine. The Story is a War/Fiction, and required Voice narration several characters (i changed my tone often) and some sound effects. In this story there was a need for Phone Ringing, Walkie Talkie, Radio, and Gunshot sounds.

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Young Adult (18-35)


Canadian, North American


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What building was he in brady? Asked the group, though. Everyone knew he was asking. Callie the one opposite the elephant. Six floors gray. He was on the second floor, she said. Enemies saw three enter through the front door, potentially more from another entrance. She rattled off as much information as she could remember. She hadn't seen anyone else enter, but that didn't mean they hadn't copy anyone on that side of the road, aye. Sir. A gruff voice spoke. Callahan. Callie sighed, a breath of relief. If there was anyone other than herself that she trusted to say Freeman, it was Callahan In the same building on the 5th floor. I'll make my way down. Callahan spoke softer, knowing that the enemy soldiers were in the building, Cali focused on the second floor, she scanned all the windows, hoping to see something, anything. Then a slight glimpse of movement dashed across the window. Movement in the west corner. She updated the team. I almost there Now Callahan responded quietly. Anyone else safe enough to move around? Head that way I'm following a group of 10 who fled further down the street, Brady commanded. No one spoke, but Kelly knew everyone had already started moving. Her current vantage point of the building would be the most helpful for the men inside. So she stayed put. She kept her eyes peeled and listened for anything in the streets. Suddenly she heard gunfire further down the road, she studied her breathing, hoping her team were all safe. Then she saw blasts on the second floor of the building. She'd been watching all too soon. It was over once more. The silence was deafening as she waited for her comrades to check in. Again. 10 cleared Brady, said three here, Callahan said, before Sighing. Freeman is dead.