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Micah Kobayashi Narration American & British SP Fiction & Non-Fiction

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Each piece has been recorded from my home studio and is not available online. Audiobooks are one of my favorite slices of work in VO! Bringing each character to life and creating a world that respects the author's vision is a thrilling challenge!

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Young Adult (18-35)


British, North American


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is something wrong? I asked. No, you will understand shortly. Please wait back here. You will be able to join your family later. The other woman seated at the desk turned to me. The Hayashi family has been assigned to block four as a family of 10. You will have two rooms number five and number six. A few minutes later she had made a rope out of the scarves. She opened the window throughout one end of the rope and tied the other to the window frame there, she said. Now No one will see us sneaking out. Felix looked worried. And what if everything isn't? All right? Tabby took a breath, then it will be up to us to get the golden scroll back from the Wicked Rat King. Although this prayer may vary with important feasts, It primarily consists of three confessions. one a confession of why. It is good to give thanks to a type of cradle confession of our belief in the father son and holy spirit and their work of creation and three a confession about the beliefs in the salvage thick work of jesus christ. Rainbow dash was part of the ponyville team. They were going to fly in a relay race. There would be three ponies in the team and they each take it in turns to fly the fastest team would win a gold medal. In came another nurse with my precious baby boy. Then I was holding him. He sucked a little and then a little more. Then he latched on success. Gladys and I wanted to scream for joy. I looked down at my baby. I couldn't believe how perfect he was. I already loved him more than I could imagine, and I was on top of the world. I'm really holding my baby.