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A selection of clips relating to corporate based work, from explainers to e-learning

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England - North West (Liverpool, Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire)


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when it comes to construction, there's so much to think about. Your engineers have spent countless hours thinking of every detail to make sure their plans much your needs. We get it on. We think like you. We think about foundations and pavement. We think about instrumentation, calibration. We think about piping and rigging. The list goes on and on where Drake Industrial and we've been doing business for over 100 years. Building the UK is ever changing industries and future. Look at the following sentences. Two of them are incorrect. Take the true or false box with your answers. I'm afraid that's not quite right. Please read through and try again to get started. You, of course, need an echo on whatever power adapter came with it. These speakers don't run on batteries to make sure you've got the right power cable ready and waiting. On the software side, you'll need a phone or tablet android or IOS ready to instal the elect. Sap. Bacterial and viral infections have many things in common. Both types of infections are caused by microbes and spread by things such as coughing and sneezing. Contact with infected people, especially through kissing and sex contact with contaminated surfaces. Food on water contact with infected creatures, including pets, livestock and insects such as fleas and ticks. Most importantly, bacterial and viral infections can cause mild moderates and severe diseases. Test one. You will hear a number of different recordings. You have to answer the questions based on what you hear. There will be time for you to read the instructions on questions. You will have time to cheque your work. All the recordings will be played only ones. Thank you for calling British Northern Electric's You've reached this message, either because all our agents are currently busy assisting or the callers or it's after five PM Please leave a message after the beep, and we'll return your call as soon as possible.