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Podcast Intro: Goldspotters

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Voice Over • Podcasting


Goldspotters is a musical talent discovery and star-making platform. The podcast will accompany and boost the platform, so the voice actor who performs each episode’s intro will serve as a Goldspotters brand advocate.

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Young Adult (18-35)


Canadian, North American


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Are you a musician who's built up a social media presence and now you're looking to make the leap from your home studio into the bonafide recording industry? The path to stardom used to be a long and winding journey, especially if you live far away from the entertainment hub or didn't have any connections in the industry. That's why marketing yourself online is the way to go today. In this episode of Gold Spotters, we are over the moon to have guest host Charlie Colin, whose music video parodies unexpectedly catapulted him into worldwide fame and landed him a record deal.