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English. All Accents, Random Track, I can do bad by myself.

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I literally just thought \"Hey, what would I like to hear if I were trying to hire a voice actor?\" My Answer: I'd want to find the most off-the-wall, random, and energetic person who is not afraid to think outside of the box, and therefore submit an unscripted audition. SO good luck and enjoy!

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Young Adult (18-35)


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starting right off the bat here, Ladies and gentlemen, I'm not gonna read anything that's scripted, not as a demo, that seems a little bit oniony. Eek and unreal. And why would I hire somebody who is reading off a script somebody else wrote or even they themselves wrote for a first job If I need to mold them to do the voice that I'm asking them to do. So without further ado, if you're looking for the character that is a mix between Bill burr, Dave, chappelle, Nicht, Apollo, Eddie Murphy. Just any of the voices. Theo von Oh gang, gang baby. Any of the voices of those comedians and their humor, you came to the right spot. I can even do a little bit of an older guy, He's been a coal miner. He'd been smoking down in the shaft since he was about seven and uh you know, it's hard to breathe sometimes. Look at this guy now if he only had a golden toilet to poop and it would probably be okay, Hey buddy, I don't need none of your lip. Okay, I'm just trying to stand over here by my lonesome. What's going on here? And I was like there, there's a famous guy and not so famous guy, but I heard that you worked in the coal mines. Yeah, that's me buddy, that's me, what the funk is going on over here. How many voices you doing? Where are you from? You from? The Upper East side, funk out of here, Call me