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Hey friends. Welcome to your first day at Duncan. Were the world's leading baked goods and coffee chain serving more than three million customers each and every day. Well, not all from this location. That would be crazy. We've got a lot to go over with 50 plus varieties of doughnuts, bagels, breakfast, sandwiches and other baked goods. Pretty soon, you'll be as good as Darren. Darren's, our resident donut dictionary. You can tell you everything about every donut down to the calorie count ingredient list. Ready to get started. Welcome to stocks, bonds and investing. Oh my! Where? We will walk you through the fundamentals of investing with this course. You will learn the personal financial issues that you should address and consider, learn the definitions uses and more of stocks and bonds. Understand how the securities exchanges and stock markets operate and work, understand the different techniques used to research and analyze stocks. Sam has a dozen bananas in his bunch. He gave three bananas to jo jo for breakfast. What fraction of the bunch did joe joe eat? That's right. Sam gave jo jo 3/12 of the bunch. Which reduces to 1/4. Great job. Hey A J. Do you have a minute? I think we need to talk about the daily stand up meetings. What do you want to discuss? How you need to stop arguing with me and finally, just do what I say on the UI design. Actually, J I was hoping we could find a way to work together without all the hostility. I respect your experience and I'm not trying to challenge your ideas. I'm trying to find ways we can execute on them quicker. I think it would help the whole team if we can find common ground in the meetings. A nova is a relatively robust procedure with respect to violations of the normality assumption. A one way in UVA can be generalized to the factorial and multi variant layouts, as well as to the analysis of co variance. None of these F tests are robust when there are severe violations of the assumption that each population follows the normal distribution.