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This clip was pulled from an eLearning video that overviews the basic operations of a piece of software. Written and recorded for myself for use at Atria Senior Living.

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Glenys insides basics organizations and users with access to Glennis insights can find this helpful application here in our Glynis Sweet applications menu, of course. Any users who plan to use Glynis insights were required that particular security permission along with the user login to access the application. Once we're logged into insights will be dropped here on the hub or Glenys insights landing page. Now let's start with a little basic navigation and basic terminology from the insights hub. We can see quite a few menus and options to start. You'll see your name up top here in the upper left hand corner, selecting your name, will present you with the option to log out below the name. We can see various data streams associated with each of the Glennis Sweet applications, selecting a particular stream will display that. Applications available, reports and Glenys insights. We call these various reports apps, apps are task specific purpose built applications that visualize data from the Glen is Sweet apps are essentially interactive reports designed to help users better understand the data being pulled from the various applications. So we have our streams here and within each stream we can see the various apps associated to the stream. Now, before we begin checking out the data available in the various apps, you'll also notice that we have some display options over here on the upper right hand corner. We can decide how to sort our various apps like by name. The data was created or the data was last modified. For example, we can also view our apps in the grid view in the table view with details or is a simple list. Having trouble finding an app for specific data. Well, we can also use this magnifying glass here to search for specific apps perhaps as a Glynis user. We may want to look at data surrounding our sales inquiries. So I'll type in inquiries here in the search bar, insights will then highlight any apps that include reporting on that specific topic looks like the sales performance analytics app includes reporting on potential duplicate inquiries. Pretty neat. Huh? Now, before we dive into specific data streams for both Glennis sales and Glennis Care, let's take a look at the stream called How to use insights. The how to use insight stream includes an app called introduction to insights and that is well exactly what it sounds like. This. Nifty app walks users through the basic operations of Glennis insights. So we'll use this as a resource today. The how to use insight stream will also be available in your version of Glennis insights. So be sure to review it if you'd like a refresher. Now, let's dive in by selecting the introduction to insights app