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I do not have a vast background on voice overs but I do believe in can be pretty fun as well as being interesting. I have always wondered how those people who do voice overseas get their big break, who is to say this might be my opportunity to shine at a talent I never knew I had fingers crossed lol

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Yeah. A Hello. Hello and we are the scorpion. Mhm. Oh yeah. Yeah. Mhm. A. Yeah. Yeah go ahead. Yeah. Yeah. You know I swear to goodness if I didn't know better. I'd say that I had a love of rock and roll back back when I was just a little itty bitty bitty thing back before I could walk. I mean can you see me sucking on a bottle? My mommy's lap with my long hair and my red my rose colored glasses. I'm serious about that. How you doing my friends? I hope you're doing wonderful. I hope that that good things and good tidings have actually smiled on your household and for those of you who wonder because you hear it every season, good tidings, good tidings. I looked that up not long ago. You got to remember one of my loves is english. So I looked that up not long ago and that refers to good news. Okay, that's exactly what that is. Is local, current news when they say tidings, that's exactly what they mean. Is we hope that you get good news or we hope that your brought good news. You know, good news comes to you and your family and so now you have that little bit of totally worthless information you could share. Man. I tell you, I tell you, I actually got a chance to do some research today, damage is slowing down and you need to know that this is a very seasonal thing now in NGO grants non governmental organizations. Remember when you hear me say N. G. O. And you're gonna be hearing this, you're gonna be reading it and hearing it more and more and more as you get involved in the industry. Okay so you need to learn the lingo, get comfortable with it when you hear somebody say NGO. Generally speaking they're referring to a not for profit organization, non governmental organization. I mean technically a business is a non governmental organization too but it's just accepted in the philanthropy industry when you say N. G. O. That that's really what you're talking about is uh I'm not for profit. Okay. And you also have to remember a lot of people have misconceptions about not for profit and profit is a business that's exactly what they are as a business. They're just a business that can't make a profit. There goes the name not for profit. They could pay staff, they can pay insurance 401k. Pay the electric bill, buy supplies, this kind of stuff. Every single thing a small business can do except one major thing for for you and I anyway and and that would be to make a profit. You know we gotta live gotta pay insurance and we gotta pay what's left of Obamacare and and we gotta we just we gotta pay you know so and that's that's pretty much the name of the game here. All right, remember that. You can google any of these that I read off by the names that I read off if anybody needs me to repeat any of these, this is what we open up the telephone lines at the end of the class for so don't be afraid to ask questions. The only stupid question is the one you do not ask because I guarantee you that if you have a question and you want to get on online or on the air and and and ask it then there's oh there's gonna be one or maybe more people that probably have that very same question, but they don't want to get on the air. They don't want their voice out in the in the general public. Okay. And that's basically what this is. So you also you have to remember that and keep that in mind. But like I said, the only stupid question is the one you don't ask. That's what I'm here for. If you don't work in this industry, you know five days a week and keep up with what's going on. You don't have a reason to know the process. I'm a registered nurse and about 18 other things and if I handed you a 60 cc syringe and told you to go flush peg tube for a patient, You'd probably look at me like I had 15 heads if you've never been trained to do it and that's my point. So don't feel like you're stupid. Don't feel like you can't get the grasp on things like that. If it's brand new to you then for crying out loud. Be kind to yourself give yourself allow yourself to have this learning curve because I'm gonna tell you this industry is not an easy industry to crack. It's just not and there's a lot of specifics and there's a lot of formalities, a lot of formalities. Okay so that's just something to think about there. All right let me see if I can get this right because the way it looks it just doesn't look like the word that I'm going to pronounce. The reimagine workforce preparation grant competition. You read that again the reimagine workforce preparation grant competition. What this does is it provides industry specific on the job training and education. Now there's a lot of money out for this okay month boards of of of way over 100,000. That's what you need. What you have to do is you must contact your state's workforce board. Yeah. I don't even know if the state had a workforce workforce board. But I guess every state in the ***** has what they call a workforce board and you have to contact them because they're going to be the ones that are going to be applying on your behalf. Again there's a lot of money tied into this if you're looking for a way to really do good and you let's say you have a plumbing business or uh electrical business you know where you can train them and maybe as a journeyman or something um O. J. T. That's exactly what that's for. And it could mean a whole lot of money, A whole lot of money for you. You know, Jersey City, New Jersey. Now, if any of you live in New Jersey, I want to tell you, I I like New Jersey. I think parts of New Jersey are absolutely beautiful. But I've been through New Jersey several times the last time on a train and I was coming back from, from New york city and um I love train, love train. I'd rather take a train to fly just just for the experience. But last time I went through New Jersey, what I remember most is rust, everything, everything, everything was rusted and I don't know why that sticks out in my mind, but it does, maybe it was just the train tracks their Jersey city covid 19 grants, both personal and business grants for those living in Jersey City, New Jersey here's something that you rarely see an industry specific startup competition. This is the 2020 construction industry business startup competition. This is open to construction start ups nationwide. The payout on that varies, you get a whole lot more stuff besides money. Okay, there's a bunch of stuff that the title winners are gonna go home with, you know and take to bed with them and it's it's just a lot of stuff if you're if you're gonna be thinking if you're thinking about starting a new construction company anywhere in the United States, this is your baby right here. 2020 construction industry business startup competition nationwide payout berries on that. This is one of these grants. It's only open for a very short period of time. So it's gonna be closing on July 26. Okay, so you've only got a couple of weeks to get your application in on that. So you might want to think about that city of San Diego used to live right outside of San Diego. My dad was a marine corps drill instructor and we were stationed out there in California for a while. That's why when I grew up I knew better than to join the marines. I went into the army and again, I was stationed in California. I was stationed in northern California when I was in the army. But this is for the city of san Diego of course, covid 19 relief grant program. Multiple awards of up to $10,500 depending on your need onward. A of course stands for California onwards is an initiative Of various companies and foundations and one or 2 humans believe it or not. This is to get California workers displaced by the COVID-19 back to work. There are people who basically rely on the kindness of strangers like social services and things like that. They don't have any family left and things like that, it's called Essential life services. So if you're listening and this is something that you think you might benefit from or you know someone else Who needs something like this, you want to Google onward. See a it's all one word there. And again, that's an initiative of companies, foundations and humans um to get California workers displaced by COVID-19 back to work as soon as possible. And it also, there's been a big interruption I know here in the Tampa Bay area and in Hillsborough County in the central florida really should say there's been a big disruption of services, what they call life. Essential life services. Um and it's it's the social services end of things like meals on wheels and discount drugs and and um the doctors office providing rides for the Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare actually providing rights and paying for rights to people to get to and from their doctors appointments and tests and things like that. Well, you know onward C. A. May have the answers so check that out and feel free to refer anybody to that you think might need that anybody is going to benefit from it. Southern smoke restaurant emergency relief programs, A nationwide program for restaurant owners and restaurant workers servers. I dated a server. She worked in a high end restaurants where I met her actually and she was like 20 years younger than me. I thought it was cool man. I really thought it was something back then. But to make a long story short, that's a hard job I learned right then and there. That's a hard job and that's when I increased my my tips. I knew I had to start leaving better tips. Southern smoke restaurant emergency relief program for owners of restaurants and bars. For those who work in restaurants and bars that got laid off and displaced by the Covid 19 virus. Here's one, believe it or not, that's not a covid 19 Grant a regular grant texas small business micro grant program and that's what you want to google it by texas. State of texas. Small business micro grant program, multiple awards. $1000 on that Fort Bend County texas coronavirus covid 19 Small business emergency assistance grant program multiple lords of up to $25,000 on that one. Are you a freelancer? Can you prove you've been making money as a freelancer? If so then the freelancers *****, whether you remember or not, they have $1000 that you can put in your pocket, you can put the landlord's pocket what it just just used to live. Okay, freelancers *****, freelancers Relief fund is what you want to google on that one small business grants program. City of Glendale California. Multiple awards of up to $5000 on that. Don't forget, it's gonna be closing In about six more days. Okay, it's only open to the 15th. So if you do qualify for it. Get in on that city in Glendale California Adams County Quincy Illinois Chamber of Commerce, small business grant program. $10,000 on that one. National artist relief grants multiple awards of $10,000 on that one. Lows. You know the home furnishing store lows teamed up with in a small business partnership together. The non profit and lows Offer multiple awards of $10,000 for anybody displaced By the COVID-19 virus. Okay. And this is a nationwide thing. That's a nationwide thing right there. Small business grants de soto texas, a lot of stuff in texas. Have you noticed that small business grants desoto texas now awarding the remainder of the grant money that they've got. If you go on the website, let's say you google it and you go on the website website is going to say that they're not accepting applications and applications closed. If you read further down the page it says towards the end of the page, it's going to say that there's plenty of money left over and by law they have to give it away. Okay. Being uh an entity, state entity I guess. And for you to contact the people, you know, that matters. So that's exactly what I would do. Don't let the fact that they're not accepting applications anymore, quote unquote, um do that, you reach out to them, call them, contact them if you live in that area. Certainly apply for some of that money that they've still got. I'm surprised they've got any money left. If you want to know the truth. Wayne county michigan back to work. Grant Multiple Awards, $10,000 on this you've got tomorrow. Tomorrow is the deadline. I'm gonna go ahead and I'm going to cut that one out of rotation so we don't chew this cut again Raleigh for you. This is one of these grants that I hear on the english police. Okay, Let me introduce myself. I'm the, I'm the english police Raleigh for you is written in a way that it just, it just offends me as a person who makes a living as a wordsmith Raleigh the name of Raleigh like Raleigh north Carolina. The number four and the letter U altogether Raleigh for you. Yes, That just defends my, my, my brain. I don't know why North Carolina. It's an exhaustive list of grants and small business incentives. They got a bunch of stuff there if you want to know the truth to be, to be a mid size town. I think Raleigh is kind of a mid sized town about the size of Tampa bay I believe. And um, it's got a lot of stuff there in north Carolina Carolina's governor takes a lot of federal money to, you know, so they're fairly, fairly wealthy state on that city of in Dallas texas. Small business adaptive reuse program for unused existing buildings. I did that in Cincinnati. Ohio and I want to tell you something. It worked out great. If you're looking for a building, let's say that you're thinking about building a business, forgive me building from scratch a building for your business instead of doing that. If you're around the Dallas texas area, by all means go and talk to them about this. Okay. And look at the buildings that they have, there may be something there for you and most of the time this comes with money so you can fix it up, make it safe and habitable and this kind of thing. Hello Alice business for all Covid Relief National Grant Program, september 25th, september 25th is the cut off day on that one. I know they're gonna be awarded 1 $50,000 grant, they're gonna be awarding 1 $25,000 grant. I forget how many, $10,000 grants they were going to be awarding. I think many, many lower paying grants as well. I think a lot of people are gonna end up seeing money from this. Um this is not one of these. When you're, you're talking about the covid relief part, they're probably not going to ask you for a business plan. So if you're thinking you have to wait until your business plan is ready for that. Don't do that. Okay, go ahead. And and if you qualify for one of these covid relief grants, jump on it and I mean just jump on it because you want to get there before the money runs up. That's what I told my sister a couple of weeks ago. I gave her a crash course 2.5 hours and explain to her what she needed to do and and gave her a crash course on this. And don't you know that she, I think I told you this Tuesday last week she messaged me on my phone and she said, you know, she said that really paid off. She said I applied for this grant, this grant, I got them both Up to $20,000, in grants. And I just barely explained what she had to do if she can get it doing that with with me just basically touching and highlighting things. Think of what you're going to be able to do after the 12 weeks. So don't worry about having to send in a business plan for these covid relief grants because chances are you're not gonna need that. You know, I do know like on the Hello Alice, they ask a lot of personal questions, they get all up in your business and I know some people don't feel right about providing that kind of information because they do, they want to get all up in your business on that grant. But you know, if you want the money you're gonna have to answer the questions pennsylvania covid 19 relief statewide, small business assistance grants, multiple awards and $10,000 on that one Winding down on the 17th To be closing on the 17th, Dream Big Awards and coronavirus applications Now. I had one of my clients that was applying to that in the middle of applying to it, email me frantically. Can't find a place to upload my resume and my and my business plan. Well, she wasn't looking hard enough. Okay. There are, there's a place where you can upload stuff that you want you to upload your business plan if you have it And a resume, if you have it, that's not mandatory. But that's what they'd like to see. 2020 Dream Big Awards and coronavirus application. If you are like moi And here in central florida. Hillsborough county florida. The R three Economic recovery. Financial assistance is now going on for individuals and businesses. I want to tell you something that the mayor we've got here in Tampa jane castor. I just absolutely love that woman to death. She used to be a police chief. I mean she's no nonsense about it too. And I just love that woman to death. She's one of the best mayors we've ever had outside of bob bob buckhorn. I liked him too. But if you're in Hillsborough County in central florida, you wanna google are three economic recovery financial assistance and that's for individuals and for businesses, that's about 1/4. Maybe closer to a third of all known business opportunities that are out there now. Again, this is seasonal in the small business industry case in the small business grant industry, this is very seasonal. This does not affect you if you're going for money for, not for profits. Okay, because that flourishes your round, but the small business grant season slows way down in in the summer time. So this is the perfect time to get your business plan together, get your house in order so that when these things come open again, you're ready to hit them and when they ask you for a business plan, all you have to do is sent to them and you can gladly say yes sir or yes ma'am. Here it is and you read it with in good health and I mean that, so that's that's not necessarily a bad thing. Welcome my friends Welcome welcome welcome to the thursday evening edition here inside of the learning center, broadcasting for the X M. F. M International Rock Radio studios here Tampa bay florida. This is a continuation Of a 12 week long electro series course designed to give you the working knowledge that you need to successfully apply to win grants and funding instruments on Tuesdays. We cover everything to do with business plans on Thursdays. We cover important topics in the grants manship 101 lecture series. I teach grants manship skills and funding acquisition, so feel free to jot down notes. Ask questions when we do open up the telephone lines at the end of the class tonight do you have any questions about funding? Business plans, comments about the show about the classes. Please log into your US business funding solutions account, click on support to send any questions or suggestions that you may have. Now. If you need the business plan template files that we use on Tuesdays, you want to log into your account, click group coaching and there's two things I need to tell you about on that group coaching page. Actually three things one, when you're on the group coaching page, as you scroll down, you're gonna see a calendar. If I were you, I would strongly suggest that you get in the habit of checking that at least every Tuesday to make absolutely sure we're gonna be having class that night. Remember that's my only way to reach out to you and tell you if we're not having class to let you know, Okay, I'm human stuff happens everybody that, that I've been doing this for 10 years so everybody knows that I'm really dedicated and that I'm here pretty much at all costs. So it's gonna have to be something dire that if I cancel the class, but that's my only communication with you right there. So check that out. Start getting in the habit of every Tuesday at least to look at that also right beside the calendar, you'll see The archive of MP three teleconferences that you can download and listen to if you miss a class now you need the business plan template files to find them scroll all the way down to the bottom of the group coaching page. They're at the very bottom. They're right there for you to download. All you have to do is click on them. I strongly recommend that you create a folder on your desktop and that you save all of these downloaded files in that one boulder. Because you've got to remember, you're gonna be importing the Excel spreadsheets into the master template so you need to keep everything right there accessible and together I'm your host. My name is woodrow, otherwise known as hey you, it's what I told my patients and believe it or not, they actually called me that I do funding. I've been doing funding for a lot of years now. I'm in 10th grade dropout. Seriously. I dropped out of school. That sounds great. I got, I went into the army when I got out of the army. I had sense enough to get my G. E. D. And that's what started things right there was, I figured okay I can pass my G. E. D. I was always afraid of the math. So I passed my G. E. D. And started college after that. And it's just been one thing after another and I spent like 12 years in college before I knew it. It was like 12 years gone. So I work in the medical field by trade and all the time I was working in the medical field. I did this part time for businesses. Usually specialist particularly in small business funding. And I was helping people get money the whole time I was working, taking care of patients. I got so good at it that finally what I did was I started doing this full time Currently seated on a 501 C3 border directorship for a prominent animal advocacy rescue, not for profit. Here in the Tampa Bay Florida area. Don't forget sometimes we have the broadcast interrupted usually for about a minute when bad weather strikes. So if I go silent for a minute, don't go anywhere, hang tight, we'll reset. The electronics should be back on within 60 seconds. Usually when this happens. And as a reminder, if you hear growling or if you hear barking and during the broadcast tonight that's either gonna be disabled. Schnauzer rescue, schnauzer mandy. We got her, I got her from schnauzer Love rescue. She's literally disabled. And um I've got a chihuahua that I got from the S. P. C. A. When I got him. He was right up maybe just shy of £3. A little bitty thing. You see every bone in his body now is Real close to 16, 16 lbs. Had him for six years old. You see what love will do for these rescue dogs. They go almost everywhere I go, including coming into the studio here. They think they're human. I am one of those parents. I'm not going to tell them any differently. So, you came here to learn, didn't you get started here? Let's get the party started. All right, tonight, we're gonna get a little bit deeper into Grant writing last thursday. I gave you an introduction to grant writing tonight. Let's talk about some essentials. Yes. From this point on you should be taking notes, folks. This is what I call essentials because this is what I've learned over my decades in this industry and I kind of put them important in in in retrospective order. So, number one. And and this almost goes without saying, and that's why it's number one. But you wouldn't believe the number of people that will go for a grant and then make it to the next round. And they start getting questions by the reviewers and stuff and they start asking them questions. They don't have a clue first clue in the world. Number one understand the basics of nonprofit or small business management. If you are an NGO or going to be an NGO. This includes Board of Director Development, Strategic Planning and Project management. Now, you don't need to be an expert on this stuff. But I'm gonna tell you when the person asks you a direct question. The last thing in the world you want to say is I don't know the answer to that. So number one on my list, understand the basics of non profit or business management that's absolutely essential. You can't say on my C. P. A. Did this, you're gonna have to ask her or you can't say Woodrow wrote this for me. So you're gonna have to ask him because that don't cut it buck starts with you period if you're not willing to accept the responsibility, see ya. Number two. Know thy thunder before submitting any grant application research, the focus of the funding organization including previous and current funding trends. You want to look to see if they have a geographic preference. You want to look and see what their average grant award size is and every corporate foundation has areas of interest. You want to pay particular attention to the stated perimeters of funding. You want to read the goals, you want to read the scoring criteria. Remember we talked about that, Google their latest sustainability report if you want to see what a really cool sustainability report looks like. Google more course. Okay, more course, puts a huge one out every year and I guess they're getting ready to put their 2021 out probably in the process of putting it together now. But that's one of the best sustainability reports That that I've seen lately is the Miller 4th sustainability report. They do it every year. And if you want to see what a really good one, it looks like google Millercoors sustainability report because in those sustainability reports as you'll see when you when you google it, you're gonna find out a whole bunch of stuff. Let me tell you what else you're gonna find out, you're gonna find out the names of the people involved in the grant, putting it together and, and maybe even the reviewers and this kind of thing and that's always a very, very good thing to know the names, at least the first and last name and and what the position at that level is a very good thing if you ever have to write them, okay, because that will, that will impress the reader. Let's put it that way, number three, essential number three, establish a relationship with the funding organization. Well, before the grant application deadline, let's say you find a grant, you qualify yourself to apply it to the grant, you want to establish a relationship. No, it doesn't mean you gotta take them out for biscuits and gravy in the morning, here's what this means and it's real simple to do and it works. Most importantly, it works. What'd you figure out exactly what organization that you're going to be applying to the grant for? I want you to go on their website, go to the contact us page, contact us page full of little little gold mines, little gold mines here and there, you get their phone number, you get their fax number, you get their email address and you get there, they're hard mailing address, you want to go to the post office by one of the 79 cent pre addressed postcards on the postcard. You want to write very legibly. Hi my name is such and such and you're gonna see my name on a grant application soon and I want you to remember my name. You notice you're giving them the command to remember your name. So you sent him a postcard. You call them up on the telephone. Hi my name is such and such. You're going to see my name on a great application soon and I want you to remember my name. You've given them that command twice. That's them. Hi my name is such and such. You're gonna see my name on a great application soon and I want you to remember my name. That's three times you've given them the command to remember your name. Then you want to email them. Hi, my name is such and such. You're gonna see my name on a great application soon and I want you to remember my name. So what have you done? Stop and think about it. You have given them four commands to remember your name. Hopefully the same person is going to be reading into this. You send them so when they see an application with your name on it what are they gonna do? They're gonna remember your name. This is what I mean by establishing a relationship with the funding organization. You don't have to take them out for Mimosas. You don't have to take them out for biscuits and gravy. This is simple enough and it works number four essential. Number four, make absolutely certain that your project isn't appropriate for the funder. I can't stress this enough to read the funding policy and the grant guidelines very, very carefully before beginning the application. What you want to do is you want to a make sure that you are a good fit and that you qualify to send in an application be review the application submission guidelines. Remember the stories that I told you some of these guys. Some of these guidelines can get hairy and if you don't follow them exactly, they will just throw your application in the trash three and probably most important if you want to know the truth in the legalese, always in the rules and the eligibility eligibility and the terms and legalese and stuff like that. This is where you're going to find the scoring criteria on that particular grant because that's where they put it. I don't know why they do, but they put it there. I think they want to make it hard because they know nobody ever reads that stuff. Okay. But I think that's honestly what they, what they want to do is make it hard. But you'll see section one is worth 10 points. Section two is worth 15 points. Section three might be worth 35 points. The ones that are scored the highest points either means something to that particular organization or for some reason they find it important. So you want to pick out the parts that are high scored higher and you want to pay particular attention to those areas of the application when you send in an application, if it's accepted Then everybody starts at 100 points. This is how it goes in a review situation as you either meet the thesis of the question or you don't, you either get to keep those points or you get points deducted. And it's those applications with the highest scoring number of points that make it into the next round. Yes you are that you're known to business. If you are a person with disabilities and you own you're an entrepreneur. If you're a woman owned business and you have the woman owned business certification then what happens is when you send in that application as long as the application is accepted, then instead of starting with 100 points, I'll start out with 100 and five maybe 100 and seven points. And it's those applications with the highest scoring number of points that move into the next round. So playing a little bug in your ear, if you're a veteran honor you have to be honorably discharged, you're a veteran, you want to get that veteran owned business certification. It's not hard if if you're a wholly owned woman company or will be majority woman owned country country can't talk tonight company. Then you want to get that certification from the S. B. A. Because that's exactly what it does is it knocks those points up so you could afford to miss maybe an extra question on there when the average person can't. And and that's how that whole thing works. Okay for those of you wondering Essential number five Chanel # five, Essential # five. And this is what I'm bad about not doing. But I try to when I remember it, plan to have another person read through your completed grant application before you send it in. It's and I don't know why but and I do this too. And I find it very interesting That I can read something 15,000 times and not catch a spelling error and then somebody who's never read it before, it can come sit down at it and catch it. I don't know why my brain does that, but I figure your brain does the same thing. So essential number five plan to have another person read through your completed application before you submit it. I advise applicants. When I teach my people, I advise applicants two copy the question into a micro software document, write your answer to the question in the micro software document and then copy and paste it back into the online application. Okay? Probably 96% of all these applications are online now and that goes for investors as well. So When you hit submit, you don't want there to be spelling errors. Okay. And that's the great thing about putting your answer in words. That will check your grammar, it will check your spelling error for spelling. If you can do a word count and a character account. Remember all these online applications, 99% of them have either word count or character count limits. Word count limits. That is, That's exactly what they mean. You know the number of words, it doesn't mean you have to have that many words. It just means that say if it says 500 words is the limit, if you try to put 501 words, it's not gonna take it. Okay. As far as the character count goes and you're gonna probably about a 5050 mix of these applications, some Edward Council of character counts. So pay particular attention to what you're doing. But if you put this in Microsoft office then you could very quickly do a character account. It's easy and not only that, but it will also make suggestions on at least the new 19 Office K 2019 Office, which is what I had to upgrade to um, here recently and I love it, as far as that goes. I think it's a pain in the butt to learn because it's nothing like what I took a class in college. The basics are there, but things are in a different place. But what's great about it is it will check your grammar, it'll check your spelling, it'll make suggestions. I think it's a wonderful thing. So that was number five, Number six use the legal name of your organization as opposed to the D B A. If you shorten the name, a lot of people, what they'll do is they'll put the name of the business one time and then they'll use the initials. They don't have to keep writing the business name. Grant reviewers. See that is lazy. Okay. They do. They see that as lazy seriously? So don't use the abbreviated name. Okay. Because they're gonna see it that way. Remember if you're not for profit and you're applying for not for profit. Grant 501 C3 has to be current. That's the very first thing they check what you should do to get your house in order make copies of legal documents, at least scans of legal documents. If you're a five oh one C three, you need a scan of the original I. R. S. Determination letter. You also need a scan of your recent 9 90. If you're not for profit and other supporting documents and you need to write this down. Folks. Everybody is going to need a business or organization facebook account. Everybody is going to need a business or organization instagram to count. Everybody is going to need a linked in L I N K E D I N. All one word linkedin account. Facebook of business. I want to tell you right now for the last several years I use linkedin in in one of my editing businesses and Last year I I last couple of years actually if I brought in a penny, I brought in a minimum $10,000 in linkedin. So if you know what you're doing, you can really make these things pay off for you. But overall why I'm telling you this is you're asking an organization for $200,000 yet. You don't have a website. You don't have a facebook yet. You don't have an instagram and you don't have a link and you have no public social media for them to look at and to verify. Yes. This is a human. Yes. This person is not a neo nazi. Yes, yada yada yada. Okay. And you need to know they will use, they will do background checks on you. So if you've got any felonies or really bad Crimes that you don't want anybody to find out about. But I'll use another name because probably 80% of these organizations will indeed do a background check on you because if they give you $200,000 is going to make a couple of papers at least and your name is gonna be in there. And if anybody associates you with anything but good, it falls back on the organization and that's why they do that. So be aware. Okay, be aware if you have something like that, write them and tell them and be up front ask him do you think it's a good idea for me to apply. Hopefully they'll be honest with you number seven. Again, this should go without saying, but you know how things go provide accurate contact information, including postal, email, website addresses and bone numbers. These numbers, these funders are gonna want to contact the people they're interested in most of the time and this has happened and everybody that, that has gotten an award happened with me, happened with my sister happened with everybody has got an award from an organization. Maybe they seem to email and call at the same time. That's what they do. So that's what you should expect emailing call at the same time. Okay. Um, so remember that it's absolutely imperative that you get things right the first time. Last but not least as far as the essentials go. And I know a lot of people don't give this a lot of thought, but I want you to most of the funding applications that you're going to encounter. They will ask you to give a brief but interesting title to your grant application. So you want to take a couple of steps ahead here. You want to think of a brief but interesting title that would sound appealing in a press release or a magazine publication or a net magazine and the magazine. I guess they call them on the internet. A lot of people will say, oh this is Ray's Smokehouse and this is Ray's Smokehouse application, that's not what they're talking about. Okay. It's brave, but it's not interesting. So play with it a while. Come up with five or 6 different application titles. Get him, cutie, get them artsy, Have fun with it. Seriously. Have fun with it. But let somebody else help you choose as well because remember what might be funny to you might not be funny to somebody else. So always, always, always get somebody to look this over with you. But that brief but interesting title, that is a mandatory kind of thing if you really want them to take your your application seriously. I know we go through a lot, we do, we go through a lot of, of information here. But you know, there's a lot of stuff to cover and you're important. It's important that you learn this. Okay, at least the basics and there's just so darn much covid 19 money out there right now that people are gonna start getting payouts left and right. And like I said about my sister, he already started, You know, last week she told me she got two grand from 20,000 total. So I think one grant was for like 17,000, the other grant was for 3000 my sister and this is after me explaining to her and talk about 2.5 hours for me to give her the basics and she jumped right and did it. If she can do it then. I know I know you can do it. Okay with as much stuff that's out there. Okay. Okay here's what I'm gonna do now. Let me go ahead and let me open up the telephone lines again and I can't stress this enough. The only stupid question is the one you don't ask. You pay for this. I want you to understand what is being presented and if you need something explained or you're working on a grand application and you have a question about it then this is the time to ask. Okay so let me go ahead and open up the session for Q. And A. Your telephone will prompt you on what to do if you want to ask a question. All right. Uh huh. Mhm. Yeah. Yeah there's a lot of people here tonight. A lot of people in this class tonight so I expect questions. Alright here's our first person and let me go ahead and open up the telephone lines. Hello my friend thank you for for asking a question. You're live on the air, how can I help you tonight? Yes good evening sir I'm a veteran and you say to that were to get a veteran certificate. Veteran certificate. Okay I think there may be a bad connection. Can you please ask that question? Yes sir you said that were up. I'm a bladder inside like to apply for the veteran certificate. I already died already for the M. W. B. E. Certificate. So I am mad for the veteran certificate. And where do I get that please? You want to to to contact your local S. B. A. Office. They will help you. They will give you an answer on on how to do that. You can either contact your local um If you're a member of like one of the veterans organizations locally I'm sure that they would they know how to do it. The S. B. A. Knows how to do it. So all you really have to do is google uh my local S. B. A. Number on on google and then call them when they're open. Of course is not gonna be open tonight but when they when they are open during the day give them a call and they should be able to tell you. It's not that hard. I have 22 more questions. Where do you get information you just submitted? Where do you incorporate that information that you of the woman's minority uh certificate and the veteran certificate. Where do you put those? You want to incorporate that in your business plan? My friend. Okay. Oh yeah please go ahead. Yes Ma'am. Go ahead one last another question. You're speaking of the 2020 construction industrial business startup. Um Grant is that what you put into? Is that what you put in for your search? Let me see it. I'll read it to you exactly here let me scroll down. I've got 18 computers in front of me here. Let me look. All right, 2020 construction business start up competition. That's the name of it. And that's what you want to put in Google or whatever. Uh, search box. You use 2020 the year 2020 construction business startup competition. That's the legal name of it. And you should be able to find by googling that name. Thank you sir. You're absolutely very welcome. You're very you added a lot to the program. Your questions did and I really appreciate that. Pleasure. Alright. I wish you well let me know how that goes. All right, let's go to our next question here. Hello, my friend. You are live on the air. How may I help you tonight? Hello. When in the um newsletter or grants manship that you sent out? You had to get a E I. N. Number and Dunn's bread. That is correct. Yes. And it was a third one. But if you already have I N. I E I N. Number, do you have to apply for another one? No, absolutely not. If you've already got an EIN number, then you're one step ahead of the game. I'm also going to tell you because I'm sure other people are there listening are wondering what some of them might be. If you have an established business. Okay. And I'm just not saying that, you know, I'm just saying if you have an established business, let's say that you've been in business for five years but you've never completed the registration process. If you have An established business that is more than three years old. When it comes to apply, when it comes time to apply for the Duns number at Dun and Bradstreet. Before you do that, before you fill out the application, you want to do a search to make absolutely sure that Dun and Bradstreet didn't go ahead and award you a duns number to begin with. Because what they'll do is they'll take these established businesses after they're they're they passed their two year mark. They they call them established businesses because you have to wait two years to be in business before you can provide contractual services to the United States government. Okay. And a lot of them when they complete the same registration and things like that, that's what they're doing. It's a small business. I don't blame them. I would do that too. But they tend to to think, well we're gonna go ahead and we're going to issue them a dun and Bradstreet number and if you apply for another one and you're approved for another one in order if you've got two or more for the same organization that's called, that's called a Dunn's tree. And it's never a good thing. So for those of you that have established businesses that are two years old or three years older and older before you start the procedure to get a new duns number. You want to make absolutely sure that they didn't go ahead and award you a Duns number and just didn't tell you about it because they will do that. Oh okay. I have started the application for the Dun um Dun ST Bradstreet number and when I um put in my information I saw that I think my son has a number with the same address. Will that affect mine? Yes ma'am. It will and I'll tell you why and that's a good question. A Duns number is based on geographical locale. Okay so what do I do? Yeah I I what I would do is I would call the people of Dun and Bradstreet and talk to him. That's what I would do. I would be afraid to counsel you here one way or the other because I don't know. I don't run into the situation very often um with people that have that they already know they have a number or if they have one or two numbers that's what I tell them called Dun and Bradstreet and that's that's exactly what you know I think that they have a chat now on the Dun and Bradstreet web page. I think you can you can talk to somebody by by virtual chat and that's probably quicker than calling. So that's what I would do if I were in in in in if I were in your shoes before I went any further on the application. I want you to talk to somebody and ask them the question. They may tell you to get an outside box so that your your your geographic locale can be a little bit away because I know that duns numbers are tied to specific geography even if it's a different name of a company. Yes ma'am. I think so. So and they wouldn't know what to do. They're gonna Bradstreet they're not gonna charge you anything to talk to them. Okay So um because when I put in my information um I think my son's name came up. Um Well then that's what you want to tell them and you want to say can I can I share this address? I don't think that they will let you do that. I really don't think that they will let you share a Dunn's address from from what I know but you know what things may have changed so again and I know I keep saying this but this is your best alternative Ask them. Okay so that would mean that I'd have to change all my information from the state for my address. See now that I don't know about either I would ask them. I think it may only affect your done in Bradstreet. Okay I think it may just affected Dun and Bradstreet. Um Do you already have an LLC formed and things like that. Yes. Okay. How did you form an LLC without getting any I in first. I had my L. L. C. And I mean I went through a process. I went through the um through the state with my tax preparer. I had my uh ah organization letter from the state. Okay. Okay well my friend that's that that right there is is your best uh course of action is to to ask the people of Dun and Bradstreet. I wish I could give you more information but I'm afraid I'm gonna tell you something wrong because things here are changing and that may have changed. Okay. And it may be uh acceptable now to have uh two businesses at one address so I would definitely call him the last time I went through it it wasn't acceptable, you know so I mean bless your heart. I wish you luck. I'm interested to find out how that turns out. All right let's go to our next caller here. Hello my friend. You are live on the air. How may I help you tonight? Hello Woodrow. How are you doing? I'm doing pretty good sir. How are you? Uh A little wet but Okay. Little wet. Are you here in florida to? No no no we're good ways away. Quick question. Yes sir. Your sister who applied and obtained the grant? Were these grants? Local state of florida or were they general? They were actually they were county. Both of them were county and they were both COVID-19 grants. Okay. Okay so she didn't have to have a business plan. She's got a business plan helped her write it, put it together, um and we updated together once every six months or so. But with the COVID-19 application 99% of them, you're not going to be required to turn in a business plan or use a business plan. Okay. But to answer your questions are uh both of them were county. They were county grants. All right, thank you. Absolutely. Absolutely. Thank you so much for the question. Bless your heart. All right. We've got our last caller here. Hello, my friend. How are you tonight? How may I help you? Yes. Um I'm kinda new to all of this. Um I am not an established business. I'm planning to have an established business, like more so on transitional home and west palm beach florida. So I have a question in regards to this business plan template. Now when I click on these little um icon, I guess I'm assuming this is like some of this is x excels and Microsoft word. Okay. Now that's before you ask us. Mhm. Before you ask this, I just pulled up your account and you're important ST lucie, Right? Yes. Yeah. Right. And I'm looking at your account right now and let me take this one step further. Do you realize you have a business plan writer? I was told that, but I was also told to call in and that's right. Yes. You learn the basics of what you're doing here in class, but you're a special case because what you've done is evidently you've purchased the business plan through the company. Okay. And what you want to do don is your technical writers name and you want to get with don. Okay. Because I don't see a new a new writer. Um, I'm not, I can't say that I've actually seen any of her work yet. I have to approve that. I will approve the business plans of course before you do because I teach this and I'm charged with approving all the business plans, the final copies before the clients see them. So by the time you get your business plan, I will have already seen it and approved it. Okay. Um, Abbott Dawn is the person who can help you what you want to do. If you want to log into your account, you want to, once you're in your account you want to click on business plan writer. Once you click on business plan writer, just like you're going to start going to the template. Remember how you click that blue button to go to the template? Yeah. Right above that. It says your business plan coaches don. And it's got her email address and it's got her phone number and extension. If I were you, I would call her with any questions that you may have. So what I'm telling you Is your in a whole completely different league than than 99% of the people here. Okay so you know and feel free to email me just like you've been doing I look forward to it. Okay and if you have any questions I keep saying this. But it's the truth. The only stupid questions when you don't ask. And I mean that so that's a great question. Thank you and do contact her. All right we've got one last person here. Hello my friend you are live on the air, how may I help you this? Fine evening. Hi Woodrow I just had a question um in regards to your sister, was she starting a business or was she already in business? She is a local realtor here in the area and her and her husband have a real estate group and it's been established. I think she's been doing this now Since she left the post office. So it has to be at least 10 years. So my answer to your question was she's got a very established business. Okay thank you absolutely great question. Oh bless your heart. I appreciate it. I appreciate everybody. You know I think that's that's why I'm here is to help you understand things. Is it just me? That's tired. Are you tired too? We cover a lot of stuff don't we? My friends remember when considering a new dog or a new cat for the home please adopt. Please do not walk through the doors of a pet shop please adopt. Don't shop. Please support and adopt. Your local A. S. P. C. A. Or no kill animal shelter saving one animal is not going to change the world. But for that one animal, there are world changes forever. Thank you for the gift of your time, the privilege of your attention this evening. I am incredibly grateful. I hope I show that please join us Tuesday for our next broadcast. Like they used to say on rowan and martin's laugh in be there or be square talk to you on Tuesday. Please stay well. Good night.