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introduction if the winners of last year's Super Bowl challenged me to play a game against them and bet everything I had on the outcome I'd accept. But I wouldn't play football. I can't beat them at their game. I know that so I would play a different game one. They cannot win. Americans have been playing a game called politics for decades. We think we understand the rules of the game. We don't, we think we can play that game and win. We can't, it's rigged like a Vegas casino. The odds in contemporary american politics favor the house like a Vegas casino. The house allows us to win a hand or a jackpot now and then to create the illusion that success is possible. But like Vegas, if you play against the house long enough you will eventually lose everything. Everything. If you don't like that prospect, then the time has come to play a different game one, the house cannot win. So how do we do that first? Let's look at some common misperceptions about how the game of politics is played. Most of us imagine ourselves as Spectators of a game played by the two major league teams, the democrats and the republicans. Oh, there are some other minor league teams, but they don't have much influence and few Spectators to go to their games. Each team has its own mascot, an elephant or a donkey. Each team has its own color, red or blue. Most of us pick a favorite team and root for it and we tend to stay loyal over the years. We watch on television as the two teams play their games? We read the box scores in the newspapers after each event. We go tailgating by attending rallies and meetings and protests. Our interest peaks during the post season playoffs, characterized by campaigning in primary elections. And then comes the championship game, the general election where one team or the other will add another ring to its collection. Some americans celebrate cheering where number one, Some americans mourn lamenting next season. That's how it looks anyway. But that image is as authentic as the competition in a professional wrestling match. Oh, there is a game going on and americans are much more involved and as mere Spectators, But that competition is not between the republicans and the democrats. It's between the power elite which controls both the democrats and the republicans and us and they're winning. They're winning because they have created a game that they cannot lose and we cannot win. So why do we keep playing at this point? Many of my readers are nodding their heads and affirmation. Many others, however, are rolling their eyes at the spooky kooky conspiracy theory. This is a common retort by those witting and unwitting agents of the conspirators. Let me explain a few things about conspiracies in the first place. They are not uncommon. A conspiracy happens when two or more people plan to accomplish something secretly, preparations for a friend's surprise birthday party are a conspiracy. What happens in a football huddle is a conspiracy. People conspire to take control of a family business, a small church congregation or their kids soccer team. Do you honestly think they would not conspire to win the biggest prize in history Now? That notion would be spooky and kooky. I've studied history for over a half a century and it dawned on me many years ago with the exception of natural disasters and accidents. Nearly everything we read about in history books resulted from a conspiracy at some level. Although not all conspiracies are political politics, and conspiracies are inseparable. They have always marched through history. Hand in hand, here's why it has been said that politics is the process by which the winners and losers in a society are determined very true. The political process assigns how the wealth and power in a community are distributed and employed. Power consists of those things which enable us to accomplish something. And wealth, consisting of goods and services is the most versatile form of power. Since it can be used to purchase nearly every other kind of power. So if you want to acquire enough power to achieve your objectives, you'll need to get involved in politics. Just keep in mind that you will have lots of competitors trying to defeat you because you are a threat to their accumulation of power and the accomplishment of their objectives. You'll need to be a good planner in order to win in that arena against so many adversaries. But if you plan out loud and in the open, your opponents will know how to counter you and you will lose. Unless you're a fool, you will plan in secret. That's a conspiracy. Unless you are a fool, you will acknowledge that conspiracies are rampant, especially in politics. That's the truth. Next. Regardless of the academic terms used to describe the various forms of government like aristocracy, democracy, feudalism, dictatorship, monarchy, Oligarchy, Plutocracy, republicanism, socialism, theocracy, totalitarian ISM, etcetera. Nearly every government has in fact been a kleptocracy and it is likely that you have never heard that term. That's not because you're dumb. It appears that somebody might be trying to keep that from you conspiracy. Kleptocracy comes from two greek words, Klepto, which means thief and Kratt, which means rule the english version of Kratt is crazy. So, a Kleptocracy is a ruling body or government that is organized to steal from others. When you look behind the flags and crests and pomp and circumstance of ruling bodies across the ages, you invariably find a den of thieves throughout history, Kleptocrats have employed many of the same tactics in order to augment and preserve their power so they can successfully steal from the masses. Here are some of the most common. Number one, they all seek to centralize and concentrate power in as few places as possible, preferably one, the people are much easier to manage that way. Number two, they all seek to confiscate wealth, transferring it to themselves from the workers who created it. As I wrote earlier, wealth is the most versatile form of power, rulers want to appropriate it for themselves and deny it to others. Number three, they all seek to minimize the liberties of the masses. Freedom makes people harder to control and more likely to rebel against the kleptocrats. Number four, they all seek to keep the masses disarmed or minimally armed. This denies the people the ability to fight back effectively. Number five, they all seek to keep the masses poorly educated. Knowledge is power that might be used against the governing elite. Number six, they often seek to encourage intoxication through alcohol or drugs. This is a good way to keep the people weak, disoriented, distracted and unable to muster a successful revolt. Number seven, they generally seek to undermine conventional ideas of morality and to redefine virtue, so it works for their purposes. This enables the elite to sidestep accusations of immorality while claiming the moral high ground and smearing its opposition as depraved and disreputable. Whenever you see politicians and bureaucrats working to accomplish these objectives, you know, they're wittingly or unwittingly working for the power elite against you. This is the litmus test for tyranny. Anything on this list. Sound familiar, Everything on this list sound familiar. Furthermore, we see that virtually every kleptocracy has worked to accomplish its goals by organizing itself along a feudal model. Under feudalism. A numerically small elite sits atop the power pyramid. Unfortunately for them, however, their numbers are insufficient to maintain control of the masses by themselves and so they must enlist the aid of others. These others are the vassals whose loyalty is bought by the elite in various ways. In olden times, the masters would secure the fidelity of the vassals by granting landholdings titles of nobility, military rank, police powers, the ability to tax etcetera. In more recent times, the masters secured the fidelity of the vassals by granting preferential economic benefits or other forms of enhanced influence to the likes of big corporations, big unions, big media, big bankers well, pretty much everything big because they didn't get and stay big without the blessings of those in government together, the elite and their vassals have enough power to coerce the masses into compliance. The one great exception to the history of feudal kleptocracy ease was the Constitutional Republic established along the Eastern Shore of North America in the late 18th century. This government deliberately sought to set the old model of governance on its head and bind the forces of feudal kleptocracy. Instead of concentrating and centralizing power, it deliberately dispersed it instead of confiscating wealth and encouraged the people to create it to keep it instead of crushing individual liberties, it guaranteed them. Instead of disarming, the people had promised the un infringe able right to keep and bear arms instead of limiting and propagandizing the education of the people it sought to universalize and broaden it. Instead of encouraging intoxication, it sought to limit the consumption of alcohol and forbid the use of dangerous drugs instead of crushing or perverting morality and embraced it. Lo and behold, look what happened. History's strongest, wealthiest, noblest and greatest nation was birthed. The phenomenon quickly caught the attention and the imagination of people around the world, throngs flocked here to study the great american experiment and to join it.