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Michelle Jin - Voice Actress specializing in Animation and Games

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Voice Over • Animation


Here is my animation demo! Included characters are:
-ethereal cryptid,
-manipulative mentor,
-the wildcard,
-determined protagonist,
-misfit kid,
-arrogant hothead

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North American


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you seek answers. How human a quality I must say is admirable. I'm afraid there are no answers at the end of this road. Only darkness. Unfortunately, my dear, it seems your best just wasn't good enough. Your best was a failure. And I do not tolerate failures. I spy with my little eye. A liar. A big fat liar. And do you want to know what I do to liars? Do you do nothing silly? What do I look like? A maniac? Yeah. I could just give up and be a regular kid. But what then? Who's going to stop the horde and protect your people? If I'm the only one who can wield this sword, then I can't let them or you down. They call me the queen of scrapbooking. Well, I call me that. But hey, you see anyone else around with a custom glitter belugas? Not sure if you know what you're getting yourself into freckles, but it sounds like you're challenging me and I'm always up for a challenge.