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Voices for Video Game Characters, dub memes. Team Fortress 2+ requests

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Voice Over • Animation


This is a test audio of me quoting characters from Team Fortress 2, and I can say other things in these voices, or more. Only one skill can be added but this also technically applies to Video Games as it is from the animations for a trailer to a video game.

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Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


French, German, North American, Russian


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
Hello. I'm writer. This is my demo of the eight classes that talk in team Fortress two. I am going to be quoting the most known or my favorite quotes in my impressions. Thank you. First is the heavy weapons guy. Some people think they can outsmart me. Maybe, maybe I'm here to meet one that cannot smart bullet. Then we have soldier. Then he took all of his fight money and he bought two of every animal. Then he heard them onto a boat and he beat the crap out of every single one of them. We have scouts. All right. You're listening. Grass grows birds, fly. Sunshine's and brother. I hurt people. I'm a force of nature. If you were from where I was from, you'd be ******* dead. The engineer for instance, How am I going to stop some big mean Mother Hubbard from terra mia structurally superfluous. New beyond. Well, the answer. He was a gun. And if that don't work, use more gun. Next we have medic. Oh wait, it gets better. Vince a patient evoke his skeleton was missing. And the doctor was never heard from again. Oh, anyways, that's how I lost my medical license. We have sniper professionals have standards, be polite. Be efficient, have a plan to kill everyone you meet. We have the spy. This spy has already breached our defenses. You see what he's done to our colleagues And worst of all he could be any one of us. He could be in this very room. He could be you. He could be me. He could even be. And finally we have demo men. What makes me a good demo man? If I were a bad day moment, I wouldn't be sitting here discussing it with you. Now would I? Thank you for listening and I hope you are interested.