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5 Tips to Escape the Maze of Self-Doubt (Blog post narration)

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This is a blog article I narrated, published under my pen name Alexia Anahita

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five tips to escape the maze of self doubt. Nothing is worse than going through this amazing adventure called life while questioning every decision you make and doubting your intuition, your inner voice, your skill set and your value as a human being. Like many of us, I have had a chronic struggle with self doubt for years. I compare it to a dark shadow that followed me in my childhood and adolescence all throughout my turbulent twenties. Everywhere I went in all my interpersonal relationships. I was constantly missing wonderful opportunities out of fear of stepping out of my comfort zone, afraid that I would underperform or fail miserably at whatever task I was given. Even though my higher self knew I was more than qualified and capable, this dark phantom had rented space in my head and was a persistent jerk and that's putting it nicely, trauma can either make or break you. And while I have been through my fair share of adversities, a part of me just wanted to retreat from the world and society because of the toxicity, betrayal, rejection, and harm I had experienced and witnessed throughout my life. My eyes were haunted by pain and my ego made sure to remind me of my past suffering. Every time I had to make a decision that required stepping out of my comfort zone. While it was easier to retreat from the outside world and protect myself from fear, triggering situations, I couldn't hide from the negative self talk of my inner critic who imprisoned me in my mind, I had the key to liberation. Yet I could never free myself paralyzed by the fear of the unknown. To put it simply when you lack tools to tame your ego, you become a slave to fear, which goes hand in hand with the crippling thoughts of self doubt. In truth, the ego traps you in a mirrored labyrinth where all your fears manifest everywhere you turn, you are confronted by fear and before you know it, you have lost yourself in that maze of morphing horrors. Your higher self is aware that these fears are illusions, but your ego cannot make that distinction. It is always in a desperate state of self preservation. So it convinces you to not take that risk, that leap of faith or that opportunity for growth, because it constantly believes that any decision that causes discomfort is a threat to its existence. But this is a lie. The only way out of that anxious psychic space of distorted thoughts is for you to arrive at the awareness that you are your own hero. You have everything inside of you to liberate yourself from all your fears. Self doubt is rooted in fear. Hence the emphasis. How do you access your inner hero by tapping into your higher self? Think of it like your higher mind? The voice of compassion, unconditional love and courage. Our higher self is already a Jedi master when it comes to tricking the ego, because it inner stands how the ego functions when you allow your higher self to be the dominant voice in your mind, you achieve a liberating sense of empowerment as you face your fears and slay your demons. One by one self doubt does nothing for your highest good. It only thrusts you into spiraling fear frequencies that disempower you from staying in the present moment and recognizing how amazingly capable you are.