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Inspirational Professional, Savvy Consumer, Inspirational Visionary, Compassionate Caregiver, Upbeat Millennial

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most designers and architects think in three dimensions. We aren't like most designers and architects. We work with the fourth dimension. That fourth dimension is people design thinking is more than just a passing fat. Some of the world's top brands, including IBM, Apple and Google, have embraced the design thinking mindset in an effort to guess less and design products and experiences that truly resonate with their user base. Our cities are playgrounds, and with new transport technologies on the horizon, we're bound to bump into the increasingly complex topic of mobility. What will our cities look like in the future? In that question, we saw valuable opportunity to offer answers. Imagine yourself as a new case worker about to respond to an allegation of child abuse. You take a deep breath and you get ready to knock on the door. You don't know what awaits you on the other side, but you know you'll have to make a decision that will have profound and lasting repercussions on the child safety and well being. If you want to Kim Jong un to stop being so shady, What would you do? Send a note, maybe a glitter bomb? Or would you bless K pop across the border, a South Korea does when its northern neighbours cross a line like illegally testing nuclear weapons. South Korea recently aimed at speakers north once again and turn the volume up to 11. South Korean officials are hoping to liberate North Korea one K pop track at a time.