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Poetry Slam Lyrics Experimental Emotional English

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Voice Over • Animation


These lyrics were created by my favorite band called \"CocoRosie\" - I just love the spoken words and the fairy taly atmosphere. It is composed similar to a poetry slam or very creative poem.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
warming the hearts of tragic hoodlum spirits, bright in the eyes of petty thieves who crawl at night, who feigns to use a knife, jingle jangle, the cosmos are in fire. The blazing lions of the criminal choir rejoiced to be alive, broken and depraved, su mob and rusted. Pay centuries of poison to escape this heaven or ****, this earthly cell of dead flowers and so many wounded falls. It's hard to remember. Fantasy or horror on warrenton caresses, little lolita's who want to be held in large hands. Dear father, who are in heaven, hallowed, be thy name. Which is confused by their own magic, which is displeased by their own perfume. Shame like woman, shame and woman fuming with shame, love like a woman. Women. Their own magic. Woman shadow, body shadow, spirit. White blood blue night angels, lyrics. Female creature weld high in the rafters, orgies of dust and butterfly laughter, shadow spilling into the baby's milk. Sorry ISA of ghosts memoir. Four blue plus two, that makes six. That's 12 times 22 brown eyes, one grain hazel's asleep in the hay loft down the road, drowning in dry grass in the sweet maiden slab poisoned with nightshade, which is last laugh. Stick your thumb out and lift up your skirt. Someone's bound to stop here soon