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Mockingbird Bloodsworth, Monsieur Z and Labyrinth W 2021

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Voice Over • Animation


all 3 of my characters that I voice is in Hawaii. I tried to remove the background noise but it still exist for some strange reason. 2 of them are antagonist and 1 of them is Protagonist! Yes 2 of my characters was from Hawaii!

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Young Adult (18-35)


Hawaiian, North American


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Aloha, Ladies. I am Monsters E and I'm the hero in one of the three founding members of the M F L or Midnight Volunteer Legion. How's it M? Mahalo. Aloha, ladies. I am the older brother of Monsters E and I am known as vibrant Win Master. But most folks just call me. Why? Before short bonds or couldn't talk called Nietzsche. I am Lord Mockingbird. Demons. Bloodsworth. I am the former is drug door. Night struck Valley Sorcery Academy. Imagine an Ivy League school, but in a warts kind of way. Hogwarts at Allah. If it wasn't for the one name Kayleigh, I wouldn't be fired. By the way, he only likes other men. I tend not to judge both. Whatever. It's a free world out here in the 29th century. This make Turkey Italy Barrenger nothing wrong with that. It's just Hey, Rose. Is it me or is it getting hot in here? Not like that dirty song on my tablet or whatever are Oh, yeah, brother, Is there anything going on today? Oh, not really a mockingbird. I thought you were supposed to take us to get a pineapple ice cream. What's taking you so long, man. All right. All right. Here, guys. Hannah, How? Oh, no grinds Hey. Huh? Ha Mei Mei ho and Mohammed bonking bird. Oh, no grinds and mahalo, Mockingbird. Hey, this is awesome. Brand, is this Hmm? It takes so awesome, man. Um, I'll go Whole foods, I assume Goma. My, ah, Bono, bro. Ah, who? We who? Oh, and Aloha. I love her. Aloha. I'm