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My voice Demo today

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Voice Over • Videogames


This is what I recorded in 2019, Nowadays I've improved a lot in 2021. Yet, I could do 110x better than this. Mind has no limits when your heart and soul as well as raw Emotions get placed in.

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Young Adult (18-35)


Armenian, Indian (India), North American, Russian


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How are you today? I'm good. I'm ready to kick some Eskimo ***. Howdy, neighbor. What's going on today? While life in short, I see that you're miles away. Cheerio. I suppose my *** is on the lie to make some ice Coffee or ice Death. Hello, my friend. Don't forget about your cream cheese you bought today. Everything else is against my views. What is this gonna get his sniffed out on time? We've gotta dio. Come on, come on. Today has always just begun. Why can't everyone get along? Hola, senor. I think I've seen a black tie. Get somewhere and it isn't Found a hard place either. How was that, huh? Today is a cool day is in your cast. Oh, yeah. Today's the best day ever. Isn't that everyone? Well, well, well. Look at what the cat dragged Tweet apple, Pa? Yes, Apple pie, My friend Apple pies is something I do not like