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I'm jen, for decades of pioneering biotechnology has once again broken new ground and broke it here in Rhode Island, Drawing upon best practices in modular construction. Our next generation bio manufacturing plant redefines innovation within our industry by using multiple technologies within it. Reaching our west Greenwich destination required an effort that literally spin the globe more specifically getting her next generation bio manufacturing plant assembled has been the job of hundreds of highly skilled workers including safety managers and variety of tradespeople. Initially construction on the side involved the setting of the modules and the piping associated with that operation. As more work fronts opened up more trades, people went to work Nearly 100 in all. Ultimately all of the trades were well represented throughout the plant. Working in multiple areas simultaneously by incorporating multiple breakthrough technologies within a single plant. Next generation bio manufacturing plants like the ones in Rhode island and Singapore give Amgen significant agility worldwide. The compact design of our next generation bio manufacturing plant and its development of single use technologies will make Amgen's processes more responsive in our workforce more flexible. Additionally, our next generation plan reduces environmental impacts when compared to a conventional plant. By meeting less c. 0. 2 consuming less water and reducing energy. Amgen's next generation bio manufacturing plant, the first of its kind on the United States seamlessly incorporates the next wave of life saving technologies. Next generation bio manufacturing helps Amgen continue to successfully accomplish our mission to serve every patient