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Animation Demo Reel

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Voice Over • Animation


A showcase of the myriad of different characters that i can bring to life!

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American


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I should probably go long before they find me. Oh ship! They found me. In the deep lands of Alaska. The chinese have built the wall that they've always wanted to achieve. And in the process they've **** off not one but two Megalodon. Before I was stranded in these poor, desolate lands. I used to be a high tier noble. Now look at me. You know, people always ask me, how do you stay so pure and clean? Well, Honey, it's a very simple trick. I got my spleen taken out at 15. I lost both my left kidneys on the 23rd of, what the **** is today? I'm nothing. I'm not even worth saving. I'm just a peasant from a fishing village. None of this should be. I wasn't supposed to be here. That is not what I signed up for. And if I could just get one second with you, I was cut off your ****. Right? That's what people do. Right? They'll cut off your ****, Squire my blade. I've had enough standing around watching these men toil about themselves. Now is the time where words have failed