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Audtion for Chomp! (ACX)

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Prologue Reading for the book titled, Chomp!

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Middle Aged (35-54)


British (General) , North American (US General American - GenAM)


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Chomp audition by Morden Gray chomp. Charlie Carter and the Monster Pike by David Rogers. Introduction, immerse yourself in a tale like no other a chilling creature feature for kids of all ages. There's something in the water, something big, something deadly. When people start going missing on the teams, the police think it's the work of a maniac serial killer. Then a national newspaper, the Daily Echo gets wind of a rumor that there's a monster pike on the loose and puts up a bounty of £1 million for anyone who can catch it. The papers call it the English jaws and a crazy free for all monster hunt ensues. But can the net be closed on the monster pike or is something fishy going on? Will the newspapers ever stop carping on about it? With the bumbling police be in the right place for once or will they get schooled? Why are the special agents from the mysterious fizz trying to muscle their way in and will Charlie Carter helped them all just for the halibut? Or is that just officious rumor? It's not until Charlie Carter and his two school friends, Jazz and Sand discover the mangled remains of a whale with massive bite marks washed up at low tide on the teams that they realized that the killer won't be found on the land. But in the water, the killer is also off the scales. It's over 20 ft long with four inch long, razor sharp teeth and it can sink a speedboat by ramming it at 30 MPH. But will three school kids ever be listened to or will they just flounder? And cod alone knows where this nightmare creature came from more to the point? How the heck do you catch a monster fish like this in the busy river Tames, which is 250 miles long and 80 ft deep. Can the bungling river police a marine biologist and a heavy armed gung ho trophy hunter catch the monster pike or will it be turtle disaster? Are they all live bait to be picked off one by one? Will Charlie Carter have the opportunity to save the day? Who will be the sole survivor? Any fin is possible in this book?