Google for Education: Cast moderator admin set up video

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in this video we are going to demonstrate how to set up a cast moderator receiver device Before you follow this video, we recommend checking out the help center article on how to set up a cast receiver account to use cast moderator, you will need a cast sender such as a chromebook and a cast receiver such as a chromecast with google tv device. For the purposes of this video we will be showing how to set up a chromecast with google tv device as a cast moderator receiver. To start, you will receive a chromecast with google tv device remote control and a power cable, plug in your chromecast H. D M I output cable into your projector monitor or tv and plug the power cable into the USB C input. Once your device is plugged in you will see a loading screen and then a remote pairing screen. This is the only step that requires a remote. The rest you can do either using the remote or an external keyboard, follow the instructions on the screen to pair the remote, then select language, skip using the google home app setup. Instead, click down on the remote and select the set up on tv. Instead enter your wifi credentials when the wifi is connected, you should see a loading state for a system update. This stage may take a while approximately 15 to 20 minutes. The device might restart a number of times. Once the update is complete, you will reach the google sign in page on the google. Sign in page. Do not sign in yet, click the back button on the remote until you get to the you're connected to your network here. If you are using an external keyboard instead of a remote, you can click the meta plus backspace two times on the you're connected to your network here. Page, click up on the remote control seven times in a row. You should be brought to us.