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On the morning of august 6th 1945 a B 29 bomber plane skipped off the runway of Tinian island headed north toward Japan. The mission was so secretive that the crewmen carried cyanide capsules had they crashed and were captured in the bomb bay of the plane set a 12 ft long, £9000 bomb called Little Boy. An atomic bomb targeted for Hiroshima. The plane passed the coastline and crossed over into the city with a T shaped bridge targeted and the crewmen dawned with shaded goggles. The bomb slipped from the plane. It would take a mere 43 seconds for the bomb to reach its detonation altitude, a white light 10 times the intensity of the sun and developed the plane as the flash sound and jolt of it skidded out in all directions. There was an eerie, shimmering warp in the air over the city, ripping back up toward the plane at 1000 ft per second. A second wave, a consequence of the explosion's force hitting the ground smacked the plane, heaving it upward once more, a huge roiling cloud, growing a bluish gray swaggered over the city below it. Hiroshima was boiling up. To this point in the war, Japan had brought atrocity and death on a scale that staggers the imagination. Thousands of prisoners of war were murdered on death. Marches and thousands were worked to death. Thousands of others were beaten, burned, stabbed or clubbed to death, shot beheaded, killed during medical experiments, were eaten alive in ritual acts of cannibalism And from being Fed, grossly inadequate and befouled food and water. Thousands more died of starvation and easily preventable diseases. In accordance with Japan's active kill, all order, the murder of all others in Japanese custody was planned, but it was little boy that brought this empire crashing down. It was only less than a month later on the morning of September 2, 1945 that Japan signed its formal surrender. The Second World War was over.