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Narration: Disney World, Sloths, Leadership, Albert Einstein

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it's the most iconic theme park in the world. Disney world, but let's say you only have one day to soak in the magic. Where should you start in today's episode, we're listing the top 10 things to do at the Magic Kingdom, Number 10, Space Mountain. It's the most thrilling ride at the park and no matter how many times you ride it never disappoints, slots aren't lazy, they're just slow. That's mainly due to their metabolism. Slows have the lowest metabolic rate of any mammal. In fact, it takes them a whopping 30 days to digest a leaf. As a result, they don't get a massive rush of energy from a single meal. So when you see a sloth moving really slowly, they're not being lazy, they're just conserving energy. We talk to Ceos around the world about the biggest needs inside their organization and you know what kept coming up. They needed more leaders, Not just high performing employees, but people who could take the reins and bring a project across the finish line. That's why so many companies are investing more in developing leaders from within. When we think about scientists and mathematicians, we assume their greatest skill is their technical expertise. But according to Albert Einstein, his greatest skill was creativity, being able to see things in ways that no one had seen before. In that way, he was like an artist except his medium was science.