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\"To Rome\" (Sample of fiction with multiple voices & accents

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Voice Over • Audiobooks


In the first three minutes of this story by Bruce Seymour, you will hear the narrator plus two different female characters and one American southern accent.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American, US South (Deep South, Dixie, Delta)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
to Rome by Bruce Seymour. Goodbye, goodbye, She responded with a 1/4 smile. Ted tried to wink back, which looked like a slow blink. Sarah's favorite wink in the world. The bus was hot. 10 years ago, Ted would have been boarding a jet, instead complaining about the air conditioned chill in business class. Today, the bus was McGee with a vinegar tang, and still, Ted smiled in full. He was on his way to a job interview at Paradigm Optical. The six hour bus ride to the D C station would bring him within walking distance of their corporate headquarters. Ted unfolded a crumpled newspaper he had rescued from a recycling bin and trying to relax. The interview would go well. He would get the job. He would save his house, get the car back, replenish the 401 k save his family. He would get the job. On her way home from the station, Sarah stopped at her favorite grocery store in the frozen food section. She bumped into Shelly, who squealed high a girl as she reached for a hug. Haven't seen you here in a while, Shelly continued. Yeah, um, down to a once a week past for free samples, Sarah tried to smile, hoping her tone hadn't revealed the truth. In her attempted joke, Shelly laughed. It's know that about is it? And No, no. But we're trying to be smart about everything. No, I hear you. Shelly picked up a beautiful butter lettuce head from the child seat of her cart. $6 for a head of lettuce adds up. Yeah, Sarah's mind fantasized about bacteria from the carriage making its way onto the lettuce, giving Shelly to pink swollen eyes. One of us will be back to work soon, I'm sure. Oh, I'm sure of it, Shelley replied. If I hear about anything at Peter's Place, I'll give you a ring. Thanks, Shelly. Sensing a break, Sara took a departing step. We'll see you for movie night. Not this week, Sarah said. Tell the gang. I said Hello, We'll do, Shelly grunted as she talked her overloaded cart and headed to the gourmet cheese I'll Sarah let out a long breath as she looked through the frosted glass store to a luscious pint of vanilla, being espresso swirl, then empty handed and sullen, she left