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Video Game Voice Acting/Ads Demo

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Voice Over • Videogames


Below are a few of the samples i made while auditioning for various game ads and voice performances

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Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


British, North American


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
jesus christ. It's a meteorite run. Guys, let's dig up the meteorite gee this metal unlocked metallurgy. Let's go research. I didn't expect to unlock so much technology without putting in that much effort, awesome time to upgrade my troops. Let's go take down the city so many resources. Fantastic. I bet it won't be long until I rule the world. Yes. Boom. Yeah. Ha! Just as planned, I'll get you next time. This mission is crucial to the fulfillment of my programming failure is not the consideration much less an option. You may keep anything you find. But the item in question must be returned to me. I have a mission for you. It will not be easy on the contrary. You will likely not survive. It must be done nonetheless. You think that's all I can do? Time to stop holding back but without you, it's meaningless. Okay, okay. You have a point. I'll do it. Would you be able to provide us with some additional research support? Unfortunately, it looks like your wave function has already collapsed. Do you know the feynman diagrams? They're remarkably useful for understanding the behavior of the tiniest elements in the fabric of reality. Would you be able to provide us with some additional research support? I amend the card. Wait lee. Professor of Quantum mechanics at the University of Yonder, deep underneath this town, my colleagues are conducting delicate quantum experiments in the large circular dungeon