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Welcome to the official website of the Union of fluid dynamic Scientists. Our union members are proud to sponsor this website and encourage anyone interested in purchasing or acquiring a license to use computational fluid dynamics software to download one of our free educational videos surrounded on three sides by chinese occupied Tibet, the tiny fortress kingdom of Mustang, maybe the last stronghold of Tibetan culture, the mostly autonomous kingdom somehow escaped the worst of the cultural upheavals caused by the chinese takeover of Tibet. Despite being nominally incorporated into Nepal, the kingdom of Mustang is still ruled by Tibetan royalty. 80% of the earth is submerged. Underwater. Life on earth exists only because of the presence of fluid water. Yet few of us ever experienced the world beneath the water surface, viable marine structures have been the cherished dream of politicians and marine architect in crowded urban coastal regions for decades. Hi, I'm Christina tasted. Thanks for listening. Mm.