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I am the host and editor of my own podcast. In this clip I talk to one of the most famous video game designers on the planet, Sandy Petersen.

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tragically I did the ai for age too. So if you have on memories of the terrible ai that was that was me, we're six weeks from being done and Microsoft comes in and they say we need to add Koreans to this. And I'm like we need to have Koreans to the conqueror. And they said yes and I said so, so so they actually, the police came by and they were like threatening to arrest the Microsoft guy really? But with uh empires, the thing that was so here's here's the fun story. So I so we're doing a g empires and when I was working on, when I was at chaos and we did role playing games. And so a major source of income for role playing games is expansions and add ons like books of monsters, adventures, campaigns, whatever add ons. In fact like the basic box of the of the of the game is like 20 bucks and then you'll sell hundreds of bucks of the add ons to the gamers, right? No one has just the the so you have to go somewhere else looking. Uh Thanks. So, so what happened is that so we did, we did the ancient empires and they said, okay, what do you want to do now? Sandy? And what I was doing actually was a game called Sorceress, which is a fantasy RTs game with a plot. But but as I want. But but what happened is they were starting to work on age empires to. And as they were working on it, they kept taking people away from my source of protein. So I literally got down to like only a core guy and I said, hey, you know what, there's not enough people here to do Source Source anymore, but here's my suggestion will do an expansion to Asia Empires, it'll be called The Rise of Rome, and we'll have romans because they're cool, right? And it was right because H Empires two is going to be in the Middle East will bridge the gap. And they and then Microsoft hated the idea. They said, oh no, why would anyone buy an expansion? That's totally stupid, Okay. And I said, well we're going to do it because it's gonna be really cheap to make really, because it's only like a handful of developers, you know, and it takes only a few months. Yeah, so so we came out with it and it sold like 35, as many copies as the core game, which is gigantic, that's a lot. Alright, so then the funny thing is, so then after as soon as I was finished, I went on to age two and I did tragically I did the ai for age to see if you have memories of the terrible ai that was that was me um program I had I had a a language I scripted for it, right? But so when we finished age to then then uh Microsoft comes and says we they were always super pompous, they say we have learned that you that it's really good to have an expansion after the maintain who told me that the corporate thing in any field, that's quite all the way. Right? So, so here's another great story about it. So we did. Um so, so I said, okay, so we'll do this nation. I said we didn't have a strong, we didn't have an awesome theme, like um like the romans for the end of the Middle Ages. Right? So I just said, well call the conquerors and it will have like conquering racist. So we'll have the huns because they're awesome and we'll have the the spanish because they're awesome and one was a great 11 of my favorites, the spanish conquistador edition was awesome. Yeah, I know right, well and they, the hunters are like the start of the Middle Ages and the spanish camp it off and he said no. And we'll have the Aztecs to fight against the spanish and then we'll have the Mayans basically for the Aztecs to have someone else to fight. And also because we already had the art for the building, so we'll reuse it, you know, so that was our, so then we're six weeks from being done and Microsoft comes in and they say we need to add Koreans to this? And I'm like, we need to have Koreans to the conqueror. And they said yes. And I said, okay, so to the credit of the korean nation while they're awesome in many ways they are not conquerors, they never covered anyone. And here's the argument. They said Starcraft sold three million copies. And I said here's my counter argument. I said there's no Koreans in Starcraft, that's why they wanted. That's true. Yeah, they here they didn't know what I was saying this but they bought three million. I said yes but not because they were Koreans. So funny to think they were trying to pander to two Koreans at a time because Starcraft. That's so funny. And uh so so we uh so finally they said well you have to do it. So I said fine. So we figured out some korean stuff. Then we got in trouble because we we used the wrong model for the turtle ship. They said no, no, they looked like this other thing. We don't know, we look online and see different turtle ship things and pick the wrong one. And then and then we got in trouble because they are representative in uh Korea actually Microsoft representatives. Well what happened is that we referred to the sea of Japan on the map of the korean campaign as the sea of Japan which is its name in every country in the world except to north and south. It was the other one I see in Korea. Okay, so and it's and apparently it's like a super big deal that I would imagine how do we know? So so are so they actually the police came by and they were like threatening to arrest the Microsoft guy. Really? Where can off, I couldn't find this anywhere online. These stories That sounds well, I mean it wasn't publicized. Right? So we uh we are they also we also got in trouble because apparently there's a faction. So apparently um one of the things we had, we had the korean, um We had the war between Japan and Korea as one of our campaigns when the Koreans kicked the *** of the Samurai and threw him out of the country, we thought that was a real story. Yeah, Korea. Right. And apparently there's a fraction, there's there was some Japanese who justified the invasion of Korea in 1905 by saying that, oh, it's because we've been there earlier, which is loony, right? But I mean more is always tricky. It is always two sides and neither side will be happy. All right. So some Koreans were trying to pretend that that invasion never happened. So, those japanese wouldn't have a case even though they like don't have a case. Anyway, the fact we've invaded, that would mean you get to know them. Right? So, so those guys are mad at us too. I'm not sure if they were taken seriously. Whereas other political things, one of the things we had was with the rise of Rome, Do you remember? We had the Macedonians? Yes. I well, I don't remember, I don't remember that part, but I do know Macedonians in roman roman history. Yes. Right. Well the *******. Well of course they were a huge empire that was constantly battling the romans, right? They didn't call him the Macedonians by the hundreds like. But so so in the writing room we had Macedonians is one of the sibs and this happened at the same time that Greece was really mad country of Macedonia because they province of Macedonia and and they were trying to say no Macedonia's greek. Now my argument was that if you go back to alexander's time the Greeks did not consider Macedonia part of Greece, right? And they are different language and they hated them. But the Greeks now are like, oh alexander's our guy, so they are so they start to make this huge political stink. And so they're like, what if I so my argument to them was okay if Macedonia is the same as Greece, you should be super happy that there's two greek civilizations in the game, that's what everyone else. But but but but logic doesn't matter. Um Right, I'm so yeah, so you guys didn't make games that during twitter times this is I mean this would have been chaos today like any of these disputes would have been chaos on twitter today. Well well the thing is that it got that that it was solved by the greek speed even crazier than we'd imagined because during the middle of our of our conflict, the greek government decided they had to crack down on online gambling, and the best way to do that is to ban all video games. And they banned all video games all over Greece. And so suddenly, no more Greeks were talking to us about our reunion. Perfect. A problem that solve itself. The problems are resolved.