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One of my viral videos - The Fifa Job

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This is a long documentary style video that took me months to create and voice over.

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Mhm. E a Sports, It's in the game. I just finished watching the fall of 76 video and I gotta say, pretty impressive stuff from Bethesda. You know, it's it's quite remarkable to make such an atrocity of the game. But what if I told you there was a company and a game that's been doing this for years? What if I told you there's someone that's been doing it worse and we've become so numb to it that the average person doesn't understand how horrendous this pile of garbage really has become that game. That series is FIFA do you consider look boxes to be an ethical feature? What we look at as a surprise mechanic? Prize mechanic, prize mechanic, prize mechanic prize can 20 career mode is a broken mess at launch and you definitely should not buy it for now using a discord server and have been according to six words for several months out above all. Right. And the logo, If you bought FIFA 20 for the switch and you didn't check the small print, you've actually bought FIFA 19 today, guys, I've thrown the white flag towel. I'm not gonna be playing for champions. Just like for the foreseeable future, man, this game and the state of it is not um consistent enough. And it's really random. The game feels like there's a lot of the responsiveness of the game is terrible right now. It has to be fixed within the week. The game is broken. EA, sports, the game is broken every match I hit the post-20 times. I have enough. Love enough. Mhm. Before I talk about the disaster that is FIFA 20 we have to talk about the series of disasters that have led us as Chernobyl esque wasteland of a video game franchise, a game that is less and less enjoyable every single year and continues to push the boundaries with its unethical loop block system. How did we get here firstly, I want to say that this video is not about the history of pay to win. There are much better videos on youtube about that and I will leave links in the bio if you're interested about the history of pay to win and how ea basically started it. This video is about the significant drops in quality with FIFA and how the game is still thriving financially every single year. Go, go, go, go, go. Yeah 60 freaking five. Let's go. Hi guys, welcome to another headliners pack, opening by myself. Bits in 87. We are going to right, let's put some parks, Welcome to more side men, we are officially open Impact Patch released a few days ago, will be available until Tuesday to make sure you tramp acts and team of the years before it's too late. Let's take a brief moment to explain what is the very core of this game. This game is now completely designed to sell you packs or lootboxes, whatever you wanna call them, you play the game to earn in game currency which you spend to buy players or packs, packs can also be purchased with real world currency. The more packs you open, the better chance you have of packing higher to your players and creating a stronger team. A strong team has an ever growing role in the success of FIFA's competitive mode. Pay to win at its very finest. Now this hearing where E. A. Is question about pack ethics is a good start. But unfortunately these dinosaurs are not equipped with a high enough understanding of the real issue surrounding FIFA and they can't really put together strong retorts. When E a snake oil salesman, uh saleslady, sorry, pc 2020 slithers her way out of these tough questions and I'd love to ask representatives some real questions. They're gonna have a harder time slithering out of questions. Like well, if you see nothing wrong with packs in FIFA, why did you remove a very similar system in Star Wars questions like with the endless amount of issues plaguing this game from constant server issues to bugs to gameplay problems. Do you really feel it's fair to charge full retail for an unfinished broken mess of a product or even talk about that kind of mental health impact playing this game has on the user. But I digress back to pay to win with a investing millions of dollars into the pro scene. Still crumbs of bread compared to what they actually make and the ever growing lower of becoming an esports athlete. There are many reasons why a young impressionable mind might want to take this game seriously, a lot of big clubs that signed professional FIFA players will now give them thousands of dollars to spend on packs so they can build a strong team at the start of FIFA, a strong team is almost essential at the start of this game in order for you to have a chance in the competitive scene. So just think about that for a second, a club giving a player thousands of dollars to build a virtual team which has zero real world value in order to compete against another pro doing the exact same thing. This is what really sets FIFA apart from other competitive games like Rocket League and Fortnite which do not have paid a wind systems and the purchase products in those games are mostly cosmetic. This is something that was not brought up once in the parliament hearing with E A. And the U. K. Members. Although not a direct comparison but a good one. To give you an understanding of how much of a grind this game has become the original loot box system in Star Wars required you to play 40 hours on average to unlock Darth Vader to unlock messi or Ronaldo in ultimate Team. Those are the two best players in the world. It takes about 240 hours on average. That's just one end item player in one position. There are 11 positions in football with seven bench spots and it is a game that is constantly growing and adding new and better players. However, once this yearly cycle ends a new one begins with you starting at zero it's like Groundhog Day at a casino where you put your money in and no matter what happens at the end of the day you're going home with nothing. Also, this game is still classified as Peggy three while having one of the most manipulative loot box systems in the gaming industry that's relatively easy to access. So your child sees his favorite creators, open packs his favorite pros that rise to popularity and live out their dreams, Meet footballers and lastly, E. S paid a wind system, rewarding them for spending money. So what do you think is going to happen? This is a well oiled machine that manipulates even adults into spending their hard earned money on packs. Some countries like Belgium have already taken action and have made a removed these packs from the game. Mhm. Yeah. Mhm Just it's so delayed, it's reading my inputs like 20 seconds later. I didn't see anything because you don't understand FIFA, there's there's input, there's major input delay when you play somebody that's just not in your same region. Even my grandma knows that ea servers are some of the worst in the gaming industry combined. These horrible servers with a terrible engine and you have a recipe for disaster. This can be seen in many different ways. Speed up lag slowdown lag disconnections. Regular server drops like expect manipulation and no loss. Glitches are just some examples. We often laugh at rage clips but the feeling of getting completely robbed in a video game with unfair results and server drops and unstable gameplay is seriously mentally draining and harmful to the user. Make it unplayable disaster. I mean, are you looking at this footage right now? This **** is unacceptable. Yeah. Bugs and glitches, although sometimes comical are also an extremely mentally draining part of the game. The sense of watching something play out that's completely out of your control is very discouraging. No matter how many different clips of bugs I've seen, there is always a new one that surprises me. This is not a new I. P. This is not a new engine, this is not a small publisher. And these kind of glitches are unacceptable at this point, interesting tactic. You dare. No no no no dynamic difficulty. Don't have difficulty. That there is 100% scripted scripting requires a bit more discussion, scripting refers to the notion that a line of game code changes the flow of match. If it becomes too one sided. This can be anything from a lucky bounce to a game breaking bug happening. An opportune moment in a match I watched this idea of a scripted game go from a niche idea amongst people in the community that war info shirts un ironically to something. Almost everyone, including the big names, believe in whether or not you believe in scripting the gameplay bugs and glitches speak for themselves and they played this game year in and year out. It is not too crazy to think that company as money hungry as E. A. Would be manufacturing these systems to keep the average user spending as much time as possible in their menus and therefore potentially spending as much money as possible. I should also mention that kind of holds the patent for this idea and they've said it's not in the game, but they've also been caught lying because it actually isn't a single player part of the game. So I'll make this really easy. If you play the game will leave a little pool on the top right corner, just let me know if you believe scripting is real and they should give other people that don't play this game an understanding of how bad this is actually become reality the game, it adapts to how you play. And as you get better at the game, the game is continually looking at what you do, how you play the game is so like rewarding that anyone can win like guys who aren't good can win people 20 and no one enjoys playing it. But you know, core mechanics or gameplay design or whatever you want to call it a isn't this weird place where they're trying to make a fun and realistic football game and they've succeeded in neither department. The gameplay simply isn't fun. The results are often unfair gameplay issues can be a magnitude of things, whether it's nutmeg goals which are impossible to fend or ridiculous. First time finesse volleys from 30 yards out or simple happens that refused to go in. Some of these issues can stem from other problems mentioned earlier in the video, but it seems clear to me that a now like fundamental understanding of how to make a fun football video game. Mm hmm. E. A has built this clown reputation for years now there's no company besides maybe Monsanto that cares as little about their product and customer as E. A does this can be seen in their countless mistakes with content, their treatment of pro players, their engagement with the community, their lack of responsibility for continuous mistakes and they're manipulative pay to win system that's deeply embedded in the game. Not properly releasing players. Sbc mistakes, typos and tweets, mistakes would give aways flat out lies and patch notes are just some examples. In fact there's a twitter page called FIFA 20 mistakes that keeps track of all content based mistakes that he has made in FIFA 20. It's february when I'm recording this and we're almost at three digits. The organization of qualifier events is some of the worst in the gaming industry. Pros have to spend eight hours during weekends in discord waiting rooms too. Sometimes only played two opponents on one bar connections. Games on such unstable connections are often more of a game of chance than skill. Their priorities can be seen in how quickly they respond to certain micro transaction issues and how slowly they respond to any non monetary related issue here. Let's play a little game. Let's leave a tweet about a fake issue I have with loading money into the game. Hey guys, I'm having problems loading my FIFA points to my account. Can you help? Few moments later, Six minutes in a comments section with over 1000 comments. It took them six minutes to respond to mine and I didn't even tag them and this is not about this is an actual person. That's pretty solid. But the best score I've seen on here is actually three minutes. I think I can get it down to two if I really find a good promo like team of the year or team this season. Now is this a bit of a do she thing to do? For sure. Do we actually care that you're being do she to their service guys? Absolutely not. This is annoying to them because if everyone were to do this, they would seriously have a hard time of weeding out the real ones from the fake ones and potentially lose some money. Okay now try a new game. Try telling them that your account is hacked and you need help getting players back to your account. I'm in danger you yes, you are the problem. Well if you're just some random person watching this video that doesn't play any FIFA or has never given me a money, you're not really a problem. But if you're giving me a any money, you're definitely the problem. And so am I. Um I still buy this game every year sadly because I'm a content creator. But but but but I also made a review that told 20,000 people not to buy this game. So I'm trying, I'm trying jennifer. I'm trying to do my part. Um I also lashed myself at least once a week for my sins. And you know how I feel that I'm still making content about this game sort of. Now listen, before you get your pitchforks out and before you start calling the people that play FIFA hypocrites don't. I think that would be very harsh. In my opinion, football is the world's most popular game. E. A. Is an enterprise holding the genre hostage. A lot of people that play this game don't play any other video games. They have nowhere else to turn. Pesce is the only competitor and they're really not much of a competitor. Okay, now random person watching this video, let's say you love third person shooters and that's the only thing you enjoy in the video game space. There's one company on the planet making a third person shooter. What if that game kind of sucked or had massive flaws but was still somewhat playable. You might not play it or you might just put up with the nonsense because it's the only game in your genre on the market. Keep in mind also that most people have played this game. Our kids, innocent dumb kids that are hooked on the manipulative casino like gaming system has implemented. This video is presented by ea. Game changes, huge shout out to Ea for flying me out to games. Come to capture some FIFA 20 for you guys. Listen, listen before the nine year olds get upset at me for attacking their favorite pack. Opening creator. I get it, they're just making money. You do the same thing Nellie. Okay. Get off your high horse. Um I'd say probably until I'm financially set then I'd probably move on to other things. I wouldn't be opening packs at 40 but regardless. Yeah, I'd probably do the same thing although it's becoming less and less popular to be an e a lapdog for the longest time. Most people in the community and many still do aspire to be game changers. So what is a game changer? Well, E A would tell you it's a community partnership program that fuses content creators and expert players directly into a game development process enabling early collaborative feedback and improvements. Now, what I would tell you is it's a person that gets free stuff from e a like packs like flights to events like early content in return. they will promote the game and kind of keep quiet about the real problems with the game and maybe how they truly feel about the game game changers in my opinion, should be the voices of the community that's helped them reach a status of influence. However, FIFA has been so bad for so long that it feels like most game changers have given up all hope on their input ever making it into the game, most have resulted to changing their mindset, staying quiet, preaching, positivity or completely ignoring the issues altogether. To remain saying many game changers also tend to become a employees, which is a serious problem because it means they can be easily bought with a position at a Now before some of you get defensive, there are obviously some exceptions to my role and a lot has changed in the past few years with how vocal game changers are about the conditions of the game. But that was not the norm for a very long time with the current and continuous problems surrounding FIFA, it's almost impossible to be a complete shill because you will get absolutely destroyed by the community as someone that covers news in the FIFA community plug plug. This is my opinion on game changers. You are welcome to agree or disagree. This video is brought to you by cd keys dot com. They have some Okay, okay, I'll stop that they have some fantastic games that aren't FIFA for insane prices. Here's a video of me playing God of War that I bought for like six bucks during one of the flash sales. Using the link in the bio to buy one of their games directly supports me as a content creator. So if you want to do that, please feel free to do so. Alright, I'm done chilling back to the video. Yeah, I can fix it. E. A. R on the ropes before the launch of FIFA 20. They have produced back to back horrendous products. FIFA 18 and FIFA 19 are the two worst games in franchise history and deservedly so with noticeably increased pay to win mechanics, horrible servers, Unimaginative gameplay lacks of updates to career mode and pro clubs, fans were getting progressively frustrated by the franchise, but I G N gave both games eight plus out of 10. So that must mean they're pretty decent. Right? Anyways. So what does E. A do activate operation? Year of the rat. Mhm. Yeah. Step one. They vowed to fix communication between the customer and the company like a serial killer coming into church to ask the priest for forgiveness. They start with detailed patch notes, talking about all the issues plaguing FIFA 19 and how they plan to fix them going into FIFA 20. These patch notes show a deep understanding of the core issues the community has complained about for years now. Everything from overpowered mechanics to glitches to ai defending and the list goes on like a child that hasn't seen his father in years. Any positive step forward is good enough in the eyes of the gullible community. They eat it up, hold up, wait a minute, something ain't right. One small problem that has brought up is if he is aware of these issues, why can't they just fix them for FIFA 19 e s responses to these questions? Show us why they're the masters of avoiding responsibility. They respond with this when it comes to specific gameplay fixes and patches, it's a more complex issue. There are multiple player segments whose feedback we take into consideration. Pro players, former players and casual players within each version of FIFA. We try to strike the correct balance between accessible and skill based game play and also give room for us to tune with gameplay patch updates. One possible. Yeah. The problem with the statement like this is the fact that he has a horrendous track record of fixing even the smallest mistakes and for anyone to believe this nonsense is an absolute joke. Mhm. Mhm. Step to acknowledge the connection problems, invite people from the community even one that has been outcast it for many years now to show the average FIFA player that you are trying to fix the problem and you are changed company, give that creator a glimmer of hope that you are actually capable of fixing the connection issues. Plaguing FIFA 19 with the release of FIFA 20 when in reality this is nothing more than a ploy to try and paint yourself in a positive light. Mhm. Step one and Step two was more for the hardcore fans. Step three is for the casuals and pretty much everyone give FIFA players something they've been asking for for years. FIFA Street Ak Volta, but make sure to not include a critical feature, ensuring the game mode will be dead before it's even had a chance to succeed and also sends your E A at a merch store so you can squeeze every last dollar out of the customer. Considering this mode has to be played in the Frostbite engine, it never really stood a chance. Mhm. Step four announced pro club and career mode updates. These are slightly smaller communities within FIFA that have been forgotten for many years. These are communities that haven't seen updates in many previous FIFA installments, show them that you care and you haven't forgotten about them. The final step, content creators some feelings may get hurt here, but hear me o e have created such a pile of garbage for the past couple years that content creators will be happy with any marginal improvements or respectable gameplay in beta. I personally felt like I saw the writing on the wall and I pointed out the flaws I saw on beta and how I thought these are only going to get magnified with patches with full server load and exploits. It is essential to review FIFA as a work in progress because that's exactly what it is, you're not paying for a finished product, which is unacceptable. Some creators have been playing this horrible game for eight hours a day for almost three years now. They desperately wanted to believe that FIFA 20 was a step in the right direction. Give them somewhat decent gameplay in beta and early access so they can begin to hype up the game servers at 1% capacity combined with playing something other than FIFA 19 will actually make it seem like this game is decent. This is a strategy that has worked for years now. It is a crucial part of this heist. These are all the people that have been duped by a I'm not trying to expose them. I just want this mistake to never happen again. You guys have a massive influence and the trust of many of your followers do not give this game or company respect until you have a playable enjoyable game. Well into the game cycle, don't tell people it's good, you're part of the problem. You might not be a robber in this heist, but you are a security guard that fell asleep on duty, Watch this. But e a C, what does ea do they sell you a game that isn't finished and then they never finish it. The stage is set, you've drawn them back in. Like convincing the customers of the bank has been robbed in the past to load up more money because the new security system will be much better. So what happened? Yeah, listen up. Day one career mode is completely broken, dynamic potential is completely broken. A player you buy will randomly stand in the middle of the field and do nothing. Career mode player will end up with zero star skills giving a player any wage increase will get you automatically fired. Players that are suspended will ask to play in game, new system is broken, striker, will play goalie Barcelona Jerseys will show up in an arsenal locker room. The official are FIFA careers actually had 27 issues. I'll just around 2 30 but this is going to become pretty relevant soon. Don't worry, but I'm not done yet. It turns out all these bugs are reported in beta a week and a half prior to launch the thread in the eA, forums regarding this got deleted because users were constantly bumping into the top and they wanted no attention on this pre worldwide release hashtag fixed career mode starts trending on twitter. Original threat gets reopened by eA But most users notice comments are constantly deleted by E. A Specifically comments regarding possible refunds. The people got upset and the FIFA career mode guys are pretty hardcore fans. They obliterate. FIFA metacritic score making it the lowest in franchise history. Okay, nelly, but there's no way this game has as many bugs as fallout 76. It's the fourth game they've made using this engine on new gen, surely they've ironed out the bugs by now. Wrong defending is broken, shooting is broken, passing is broken. God mode is available, Bruce lee mode is available on reverse. Ireland mode is available 2000 and two World Cup officiating is available. Patrick Swayze the leg. Patrick Swayze ahead. Patrick Swayze, torso, one Patrick Swayze, wait, wait, this keeps going. This keeps going to Patrick Swayze goalies go on strike demonic legs, neighbors in the stadium. What is this guy doing? What are you doing by the way? This is a dozen clips from a twitter thread posted by a random do in the community that has over 1000 comments in it. Even if only half of those are clips. That is an extreme amount of bugs and that is only the ones that are recorded, recorded and sent to twitter. Think about the actual volume of glitches that are theoretically possible in this game. It becomes a number we can't even fathom E a sports. What's going on, man, y'all serve? It went down, you got a bunch of motherfuckers mad right now. The delay. Yeah, is the worst I have ever seen them. The service and the delay on any FIFA by Funk. E a Stephen servers are the worst that they've ever been. So much. So that many footballers are openly coming out on twitter and complaining and begging ea to fix the servers but it gets better. Someone in the ea forums asked, when will he acknowledge the server issues? One of their employees comes back with this arrogant response when there are issues like the one you're describing, they would normally happen across the board and when they aren't happening to the majority of players, then these issues would more likely be tied to something outside of is control. I'm not saying our servers are perfect, nobody has perfect server, we have maintenance is our down time, just like anyone else. When we do, we get flooded with contacts about the server issues here on answers, HQ e, a help, twitter etcetera. Even if you put your idea is evil hat on, think about it this way. Foot is the moneymaker and it's all online. Nearly even us, the evil overlords of the video gaming industry would react if there were major connectivity issues several weeks later, E admits connectivity issues and patch notes in the patch notes, they have the audacity to use excuses like complexity of servers and size of playerbase as the reason they've been unable to fix connection issues that have been plaguing this community for years to that I say, have you guys heard a fortnight? It's a game with 20 times your player base, I can play it with Seal, team seven in Iraq. Cross platform, cross continent with no connection issues. E a connection problems can actually get more comical though, not only are they unable to provide stable connection to their large stand base but they are unable to provide a stable connection at their own live events. You can tune into almost any live FIFA tournament which I must remind you is played for money and you are very likely to see connection drops in pivotal moments in a match which is being streamed to hundreds of thousands of live yours. E A leaks FIFA global series player data yep we talked about ideas, incompetence and lack of care transcending into every aspect of their business. The best example I can think of is the massive up ceo had with players personal information when pro players one on the official website to register the information for province they noticed information for other players already auto filled effectively. This leaked 1600 plus players personal information. This was not a hack, this was pure negligence, no legal action against the was taken that I'm aware of. Mostly because of this statement in the terms of service security or players information is a priority A and we take a range of measures to help protect it including encryption of sensitive financial information. Even so no security measure is 100% perfect. This means we can't guarantee the security of your information and do not assume any responsibility for the unauthorized use or access to your information under our control. One underlining theme with a is that no one takes any responsibility for the horrendous product. They put forth. You can't blame support guys. They don't make the game. You can't blame community managers. They don't make the game. You can't blame the gameplay developers. They don't make the servers. You can't blame the server. Guys. They don't control the gameplay mechanics. There's always an excuse and a way out. The gameplay sucks near post goals, nutmegs, boring gameplay, overload ball side drop back. The game goes through 10 patches in four months and is still plagued with uninspiring gameplay that is fundamentally broken. The best analogy for FIFA. And these patches is one that I've used over the years now is FIFA is like a ship with holes. And each time a new patch comes out to plug a hole, three new ones. Pop up Michael cole Rabago. We is going to feel hard done by. Fantastic. See that guy right there looks like he's hit rock bottom. Now I bet you're wondering how I got in his backing situation. Oh, the proceed guys. The proceeds not good. It's not at all. I guess I'll just jump into it. Pros getting told he's qualified when he hasn't. This has happened several times. Distance from opponent is very far. Meeting games are played on one bar connection, spending eight plus hours in a discord waiting room to play one or two games, qualifiers being decided by a game of rock paper scissors because opponents can't match each other. No, I'm not making this up connection drops and tournaments and all of this for a prize pool that didn't increase from FIFA 19 significantly less tournaments and less spots. And finally some of the scummy is people on this planet play his game competitively from false reporting scores to D. C. Glitch ng in games to purposefully looking for ways to disqualify their opponent after they've lost a match. This is a little segment. It's just the icing on the cake. That is the FIFA esports scene for now using a discord server and have been according to six words for several months out on october 20th, information came out about a secret society of fever pros. Using a discord to avoid playing each other. In FIFA's online competitive mode known as weekend leak, they would leave a message in the discord saying they were searching for a game so others would avoid searching at the same time. On top of that, the discord was also used for stream sniping nick run the foot market. A popular streamer was the first to expose the group after he was fed up with numerous streams types happening each weekend. Nick was a elite FIFA trader but it was also reaching new heights in the gameplay side of FIFA reaching top 100 in north America. The feta protein and content creators to a certain extent is a very much crabs in a barrel situation. Many would sell out. Their friends stabbed their mothers in the back lie through their teeth and cheap to gain even the smallest advantage in their FIFA careers. E. A continues to lie in Patch notes whether that's because they truly don't care about fixing the issues or they're too incompetent to do. So. A great example of this was when they claim to have patched a game breaking free kick glitch. The glitch persisted after the Patch. The craziest part about these patches though is the fact that old issues from old FIFA's will reappear like the ghost of christmas past. It's almost like E. A. Doesn't actually fix the issues. They just sweep it under the rug and hope they will remain unnoticed until the next FIFA where they will then move into a new house with a new rug? Disrespectful to the beautiful game bro. This is disrespectful. If I wasn't a content creator in this game, I would have stopped it, I would have stopped many pros and streamers have come out and openly talked about the impact FIFA has on their mental health. This seems to be something that was very overlooked at the UK hearing. This is what some of the people that are at the very top of this FIFA ecosystem are saying. So what do you think the impact is on younger players? What is the impact on your son or daughter playing this game, maybe sit down with them one time and watch them play FIFA. I think you'll be surprised by the amount of negative emotions that exhibit Truthfully, I don't follow other Eastport communities as much as FIFA. So I don't know if this is normal. All I know is that FIFA makes me rage and feel horrible. Like no other game I've ever played. This is a massive reason I've played less and less every single year. I often get comments in my videos about people that have quit the game and how it improves their mood and overall mental health. Funny enough, while we're on this topic, the U. K. E, which represents the video game publishing industry in UK, launched a campaign about parental controls for video games. This is the equivalent of your drug dealer telling you about the dangers of the drugs they are trying to sell. You imagine designing a game which has manipulative packs baked into its core and then trying to educate parents on parental controls. I'll link Jim sterling's video, which does a much better job of explaining how ridiculous this idea even is. Yeah. Mm. Many believe e A. R artificially adding cards to the market to control supply and demand without going into too much detail. Sometimes multiple unused cards appear on the market months after their release. This would mean someone held the cards for months and didn't play with them and then decided to list them all at the same time, highly unlikely. Why is this gross? You might ask, Well, one reason would be if you're a kid that sees 20 pallets on the market as opposed to one. You might actually think of a better chance of packing one of these players. It's like a lottery company advertising multiple winners when in reality there is only one. Mhm. Mhm. People often joke about sports games being just the same thing every year with updated rosters. I hate to disappoint but that's just not true. Although changes may seem minimal from the outside looking in lots of things do change looking at it from a hardcore perspective overpowered mechanics or a games meta does change. For example crossing might be good one year but useless the next also new modes get added and new additions are made to pre existing modes. However having said all that e actually did this for the switch. If you bought FIFA 20 for the switch you literally bought FIFA 19 with updated rosters while paying full retail. How they are able to get away with what is clearly false advertising is truly disgusting. Mhm. Mhm. Yeah Not that you needed more similarities between FIFA and a casino but here's another one. E. A offered FIFA 22 people who had FIFA 19 but hadn't made the switch this is like a casino offering free rooms at their joint hotel to an addicted gambler. They know their biggest profit doesn't come from game sales but the pack sales. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah unsurprisingly all the pro clubs hype discussed during prelaunch and promises made by ea didn't come to fruition. In fact a lot of features were removed and many promised features were a broken buggy mess. New positions, L. F and R. F were added, but all the stats are literally no different than if you were to select yourself as striker. The accomplishment system was removed. 11 verse 11 droppings were removed. Game face was removed, new cups were added but the older ones removed. Kids selection pregame feature that was added glitches out and leads to games that look like this. I just want to give a massive thank you to JCC and his followers for the information. Here's a trophy courtesy of Ea. Yeah. Mhm. Mhm Yeah. E A uses free packs and in game items to boost their viewers for live streams, although not unheard of it greatly inflates the viewing numbers and hides the true nature of how unwatchable, broken and boring. FIFA is as an east port. I'm sure he uses these viewing numbers to get advertisers and land deals. I would say this is great for pros but let's be honest, most of that money will never be seen by them. Some also believe they use view bots, but that's not confirmed. Yeah. And by his tail and sent them back where you came from. But what? Yeah, I get the loss. The guy just blatantly no loss college. Me and I get the loss, no loss glitch is still a prevalent issue in this game and has been for years it grants one the ability to literally never lose the game if done properly. Are you losing your game? No loss click? Are you about to concede a goal? No loss glitch disconnect and you won't be punished when we talk about different ways. FIFA players feel cheated. This is probably one of the worst. Mhm Okay. I'm going to try and make this as critical and factual as possible without attacking anyone. I don't want any special snowflake to think that they have some sort of case for this video promoting threats or inciting violence. The community managers are in a tricky position because they can't actually fix any of the issues people bring to them all they can say is that they have passed on the information to the developers. The problem starts happening when they come back each and every day without any solutions. As new problems begin to pile like a laundry box overflowing with dirty clothing, it starts to stink up the entire room that people start getting upset. The real problem here is that they have to lie, just stay afloat, lying about fixes and patches, lying about features and games, lying about connection problems and the list goes on after these lives come to surface, certain people on twitter get pretty malicious and say some pretty horrible stuff, although this is horrible and I don't condone it, it is not an omission of guilt for the community managers. They however see this as an opportunity to play the victim card and vanish from the community and once again e a take zero responsibility for the issues playing FIFA. They come back later in the year to promote the new FIFA as if nothing happened. This is a cycle that has been happening for years now. This happens so much that they actually have to tweet about how they won't leave twitter this season. There was a few controversial things that happened which have led us to essentially once again not having any community managers. One of those things was this tweet where a person seemingly politely asked a question regarding the game in a discussion one of the community managers was having with someone about a non FIFA related topic. His response was horrendous. Unsurprisingly the community didn't like that and went after him pretty hard. I think it's important to mention that he did apologize for this while playing the victim card pretty heavily. We should still celebrate this because this is probably the most ownership anyone from a will ever take for a mistake. The problem with this guy specifically is that he wants to be buddy buddy with people, he's directly lying to while flexing his million dollar home while posting pictures of game changers. He's taken out on E. S golden credit card while flexing with pro players while the customers have to put up with a horrendous product year in and Euro after this little incident the communication really slowed down and shortly after someone hacked one of the community managers accounts and wrecked havoc on twitter for almost a day. He would return on the condition that this was going to be his personal account. He would then tell people to redirect their questions to a newly made a help account once again removing any real entity from the responsibility of the countless mistakes I've talked about in this video, Kurt was one of the people that pointed out the behavior of these community managers and how one of them used his position of power to rise to popularity, get twitter verified and then declare he wasn't going to be tweeting about FIFA anymore. Kurt also pointed out that this guy had a personal account previously that only had hundreds of followers but chose to come back to his E account for personal use because it wasn't getting enough traction. E a would then launch a full scale witch hunt going after kurt and his videos. Where do we even begin? I'll try my best to give you a quick summary because this could be its own video kurt was one of the best FIFA players in the world but was also known for his honest, funny and sometimes do she commentary, which he made in tournaments in youtube videos and on twitter. He started out as an esports player who would rarely make any content only occasionally doing streams on twitch with no face camp. He eventually grew to next levels of popularity for speaking out about the horrendous state of FIFA. He usually did this in an entertaining and over the top manner In a time where most popular creators and pros would not dare to. Sometimes he did it in videos or tweets making fun of the game, the employees and others in the communities. Sometimes it was toxic. Sometimes it was necessary like Pablo escobar in Narcos. His stories continue to gradually snowball and get crazier. By the day, kurt would eventually get permanently banned from events for his content about the company, the employees and the state of the game as this was happening, kurt one from not accepting donations, twitch subs or putting ads on his videos to slowly monetizing all of his content. He now earns more as a content creator than he ever could as a FIFA pro e a wasn't done with him just yet though. They eventually went after his Youtube channel by copyright striking one of his videos and taking down his twitch streams claiming he made personal threats and incited others to do the same while not providing any evidence of such actions, kurt maybe toxic at times. But this video that they went after was pretty tame and pointed out fair criticisms against these community managers, which are public figures, criticisms like the one I mentioned earlier in the video about a community manager turning his account into a personal account while still being verified kurtz vulgar language and jokes can certainly be interpreted as harassment and threats in these very pc times. E would eventually remove his foot account from the game for the same reasons mentioned earlier. Personal tax or telling others to personally attack community managers is a flat out lie by a until they can provide proof kurt nick run the foot market. Who is another big FIFA streamer and text who is the best FIFA player in the world would begin streaming pest 2020. In response to this. At one point, kurt would even have more viewers than FIFA's biggest dreamers. Castro and one of twitter's biggest dreamers dr disrespect. E. A would even react to this by offering free nights at their hotel casino the following day. This was one of the first times that we saw the true power of a united community against one evil entity. It wasn't much, but it could be a starting point for a much bigger movement in the football video game space. In summary kurt is a very tricky topic. Many people in the community respect his honesty and his desire to hold me accountable. While others see him as a toxic cloud chaser. A documentary team star seems to be in the works about his side of the story. To summarize this video. FIFA 20 is a disaster on every single side of its business. The magnitude and sheer volume of mistakes from E. A. Is hard to grasp when fallout 76 tanked, so did sales numbers and the amount of people playing the game. So what happened with FIFA? Well FIFA did what it's been doing for years now. It pulled off another successful heist. The franchise had its most profitable season in years. It is a company that will now begin preparations for its next heist in the upcoming months with new gen systems on the rise to me, no new system or engine can truly fix this franchise because it's rotten to its very core. E. A. Is like the white walkers from game of Thrones, a seemingly unstoppable force of evil and greed that will destroy anything in its path. For FIFA to truly fall. It would require government intervention. A united community in a triple A contender to rise from the ashes. I don't want to end this video on a sour note, especially in these times. Although the battle to stop Ea is an uphill one. I think it's one that's worth fighting. It is an issue that has grown closer to my heart as more and more people have messaged me throughout this video to tell me about their problems with gambling and FIFA. We often laugh at the people that spend thousands of dollars on this game, but some of them are truly helpless slaves to their own vices for us to have any success in this battle. We have to educate parents, lawmakers and users of the manipulative pay to win. System idea has implemented and the indefensible malice of the company. Although small, we've already seen the kind of impact standing together can actually have united. We stand divided, we fall. Mhm, mm hmm. I understand. Alrighty. That is the end of this video. Hope you enjoyed it before people go in the comments nelly you missed kmg nelly, you miss pc cheaters. I know I missed a lot of things. There's a lot of topics. I'm sorry I tried my best. I'm just one guy to really get every single thing he has done wrong with FIFA in the past like three years I would need like a crew of 10 people and a budget of like a million dollars to build it like a full scale documentary about the horrendous crimes he has committed. 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