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Voice Over • Radio Ad


Commercial Demo

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American


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If you're looking for a beer that goes well with training for a marathon, you're missing the point miller lite, it's light beer for people who like beer.

If you thought the future was still a long ways off you thought wrong. Next generation style and performance in one electric package, the new Volvo C 40 recharge.

The hardest part of my day is when they drop off the chewy box and I've got to wait for my human to get home just staring at it all day. Knowing it’s got my favorite Peanut butter treats inside.

Here's a little secret soap is made for women because women are the ones who buy it dr squatch is made for men. So do your fellow dudes a favor and buy the soap that's made for us.

How do you make the world's best burger? with the world's best meat. Take burger night to the next level with steakhouse quality beef from Omaha steaks.

Imagine how scared these kids must be being separated from their parents and loved ones in the middle of a war zone. Support UNICEF because we won't stop until every child is safe