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This piece is about life in general. My raw voice along with my intellect

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we never change repeating the past In our modern day, our laws of deeply we instil the attitude and then we lose focus. And that's when we start to play living our lives in our bubble round and round we go for we try to move on and in the future past we live on to repent. Our actions and thoughts is a mission we shall strive upon. But we relapse and struggled to move on. Blame it upon the rush of blood to the hit for the indecisive decisions were taken through the head. What we want to fight for is for us to become better. But instead we would rather relieved the pain, even though is truly dead. We live the moment we've all the heat. Indeed, the past truly knows how to speak for what you saw. You shall reap at best be in touch with the memories and only then you shall remove those unwanted accessories. Smile and rethink your strategy. I'm sure you learned something from your past. CI Through every action there's a reaction but that deceptive impression shoulder there shall be no further action or our instincts taught us to be experts trust you shall await. No reaction for who we become is not knowing that in this day and age, as ignorance instilled upon us, we just keep the chapter. And even though everything is still the same, we on a new page.