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This was an audition I did and It shows what i do with audio books.

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English (North American)

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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I was a cheerleader at our school and I considered myself lucky since I was the only sophomore on the team. It was also our last home game of the season and I wanted to make sure that I looked extra cute and also because I was trying out for head cheerleader next year. I checked myself out one more time before I grabbed my lip gloss and rushed downstairs, only to be stopped by my brother eyeing my cheer uniform in major disapproval. What do you think you're wearing? He said, crossing his arms. I don't blame him. It was a two piece uniform exposing my abdomen with a very short skirt, which was not of my liking, but it did catch all the right curves on my body. Still, once I became head cheerleader, getting new uniforms was going to be high on my priority list. Not this again. I said, mimicking him. He always did this with my uniform and any outfit that made me look good. He really took his big brother job seriously. He was the head male of the house since dad passed away when I was just a baby Ever since then. He has always been very overprotective of mom and I. Okay, so Anderson scott the future alpha of the black blood pack is coming to see us. She exclaimed, the black blood pack and our pack have been rivals since I could remember. There are also the most ruthless, powerful and biggest pack in the US. We are the second biggest. And they always make sure we remember, no matter the rivalry. All the girls from our packs swoon over the next alpha? I, however, never got the chance to meet him and didn't really care, but he's apparently something to die for. What do you mean coming to see us? I said, opening my locker. I mean, he's technically coming to our school and we technically are students who make up the school. So yeah, he's coming to see us. She giggled. You guys are more crazy than usual. I laughed. Come on, Becks. You can't tell me that you don't have a crush on anyone right now or that you don't find anyone attractive. Alice added no, not really. I'm not interested in finding my mate anytime soon. I said, thinking about lexi Two years ago on Lexie's 17th birthday. She was rejected by her mate. He was from the black blood pack. She couldn't deal with the pain. So instead she killed herself. She was one of our friends, always so sweet and knowledgeable. She was Reid's older sister and he kind of went on a road killing spree after her death. He took it pretty hard. He still to this day, doesn't know who her mate was that rejected her. I'm afraid that that will happen to me. Fine, but let me say one thing if I could, I'd lick his abs, she blurted, Alice has always had a crush on my brother since I could remember. You please no more. I said closing my locker. I looked into his eyes as he said the words that I hoped not to hear. Meat, Annie, Is this true? Is he our mate? I asked my wolf. I don't know backs, I can't tell. But all those feelings we felt earlier could make sense now. How old are you? Anderson said while his eyes traveled and captured every inch of my body. 16, I said, staring right back at him, exploring what could be mine. His dark blond hair, emerald green eyes, muscular arms and tall figure were just perfect. How could someone look so Godlike? He liked that because suddenly he had a big smirk on his face coming closer to me with every step he took. My heart would beat faster up until he was right in front of me with his arm around my waist. Mm you smell so good, he said, resting his face in between my neck. The touch of his skin on my skin felt too good to contain a moan. I'm fine now, Alice said suddenly bumping into me, making me push up my breast against Anderson's chest, making me blush harder than I could control. Oh, I knew it. Treat her right, you hear? She mumbled as she walked away back to the bonfire, leaving us alone, captured in each other's embrace. Your friend's funny, he said, brushing a piece of my hair back. So you're my mate? I said, looking back down, I couldn't control what he was doing to me. My heart was happy that I found him, Annie was jumping around happily in my head, rejoicing that we finally had our mate. Let's get out of here! He said as he grabbed my hand and led me deeper into the trees. I could follow him endlessly. I didn't even know how far we had been walking until we suddenly stood in front of an abandoned cottage. Where are we? I said, trying to figure out where we were. We must have walked for a while because I couldn't even hear or see the bonfire anywhere near us. And I was using our werewolf hearing at an old place. He said as he led me through the door, closing it behind us. For some reason, I didn't care that he brought us here. I was just so happy that I was with him. I felt something inside of me burning awake. He's our mate! Exclaimed anne in my head. How do you know? I can feel it, It's him princess! He said, kissing my hand slowly, pulling me to him. I looked up into his eyes as he just stared down at my lips. I didn't realize that I was holding my breath until he lifted my chin up a little bit more, giving him complete access to my lips. You're beautiful! He said as his lips found mine and I melted into his kiss as our lips moved against one another. The burning sensation escalated all over my body and it was as if a firework exploded. He was my mate, I could feel it.