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Commercial Demo

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Voice Over • Video Narration


This is a commercial demo that covers a variety of industries.

Vocal Characteristics


English (North American)


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when it's cold and flu season, I don't take any chances. That's why I keep Children's Tylenol at the ready. The truth is your skin is not my skin. That would just be weird. Hey, this is my clinic. I? D go get your own. I've got to go here. I've got to go there. I've got to go everywhere every day. I need reliability. That's why I need my honda odyssey. The world brought us change, but it didn't change who we are. And together at Delta Airlines were telling the world, keep climbing hot, coffee free, diet coke free, vanilla, frosty chino. You have no excuse not to try it. Since it's free every morning at Wendy's, the magic of home is the care we give each other. That's why Whirlpool appliances are designed to help all families make every day together feel special.