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democrats across the country are working hard to build a better America. We're fighting to build an economy that works for everyone by lowering costs for working families and investing in the middle class democrats are dedicated to ensuring a better future for every american. Jim jordans is dead wrong on every single issue. He thinks Covid is a joke and to make matters worse, he believes trump's big election lie. It's time to put an end to Jordan's malicious reign of terror in Congress Paid for by the Democratic National Committee 120° in Canada. Over 100 dead from flooding in Europe. And it's only the beginning if we fail to act. Climate change threatens to overwhelm us, leading to famine, disease and death. But the republicans don't seem to care. They keep doing the bidding of big business while the rest of us suffer, join the fight now and help us stop this catastrophe. The D. N. C. Is responsible for the content of this message. Come on. This isn't hard folks. On january 6th a group of white supremacists staged an insurrection. Not a campaign rally on insurrection on the grounds of the U. S. Capitol waving confederate and Nazi flags. This is not my America. Call your Congress person. Tell them you support the January 6th committee. Senator Maggie Hassan has worked across the aisle to get results for granite. Staters and she's the second woman in american history to be elected. Both governor and the United States. Senator Maggie Hassan working to build a more inclusive economic future where all people who work hard to get ahead stay ahead.