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True Crime Documentary Voice Over

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I did all audio editing and voice over for this video.

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in a desperate attempt to get justice for their murdered daughter, Taylor Mcallister's parents released gruesome crime scene photos in a facebook post made earlier this month. Taylor was murdered just three days before Christmas in 2016. She was found nude in an alley in ST Petersburg florida. Her abuse corp showed signs of being assaulted, bound and run over with a vehicle. This is her grieving parents facebook post Of the men involved in this crime, only three faced minimal charges. Her significant other Robert, Henry Butler the 3rd Deontay baker Karen archer, also known as q others were involved, but these were the only ones to face charges related to Taylor's case. It is also alleged that Deonte baker was birds live in drug dealer and Burt frequently wrote checks for large amounts of money to baker and others involved in this case, Burt Butler was in his 50s and kind of a local bad boy with a troubling past. He was also aired to the Bob's carpet and flooring store chain. Founded in 1969 by his father, Robert Butler jr, who passed away at the age of 83 and just three weeks prior to Taylor's murder. But before we get into this grim cast of characters, Let's meet Taylor McAllister just 22 years old at the time of her murder in 2012. Taylor would meet and fall in love with a boy named Joshua who she called the love of her life together. They would become parents, two beautiful twin daughters. Taylor's family and friends describe her as funny, sarcastic, quick witted, kind and never judgmental. She was also a girl who loved to give hugs, she taught herself guitar and was gifted with a beautiful singing voice. At the end of her life, Taylor, like many of those we know and love formed a drug habit and in her last month she began to spiral Burt contributed financially to her habit and was said to be controlling and possessive of Taylor only allowing her to get drugs from him. Pinellas County public records reveal a long rap sheet for Burt. He also had civil issues with his sisters related to his role in the family business and how they believed it was detrimental to the company. But that's another story. Taylor was with Bert the day she died, she was nude and unresponsive on Bert's bed and had lost control of her bodily functions. Burt called Deonte to come get rid of her. Whether or not Taylor was already dead at this point is in question. It would later be insinuated that she died of an overdose but autopsy and toxicology reports were negative. Taylor was loaded into Bert's truck. Burt did not go with him in and they claimed they intended on taking her to the hospital, but nobody dressed her, nobody attempted to go to any of the many hospitals in the area. Nobody called 911, nobody did anything to help Taylor. They would eventually decide to dump her in an alley in ST Petersburg. They left her in only a T shirt, pulled all the way up, exposing her new body and even ran over her body as they left the scene. Once back at Burt's house, their clothing was burned and later the truck was cleaned and even surveillance equipment was removed from the house. The medical examiner ruled the death a homicide by asphyxiation. Still, it would take nearly a year for any charges. Bert's DNA was under her nail and on her neck and others admitted to dumping her body. But when charges finally came down, Bert baker and archer were only charged with failure to report a death. A misdemeanor Burt also received possession of marijuana and ammunition charges that day, a felony. This is the post from the ST Petersburg Police Department. Nearly a year after Taylor's death. There are interrogation videos and audio interviews that will be compiled and examined in an upcoming video. There's even a jailhouse video conversation between Taylor's mother and Deontay baker interrogation clips are quite disturbing, not only because of the blatant disregard for this young woman's life, but also due to the lackadaisical attitudes of the detectives and unsettling familiarity some of them had with the suspects. Taylor's murder is now considered a cold case only to be worked on once a year around the anniversary of her death. I don't care