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Discovery Kids, Walmart, Fresh Look Eyes

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These fun light hearted clips showcase some of my favorite work- joyful, upbeat, and friendly!

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what's as strong as an elephant stinks like a skunk and can see in the dark. Find out next on discovery. Kids can you believe it? Summer is almost over and soon. It'll be time to hit the books again while I'm here to tell you that walmart has made going back to school more fun than ever with great finds like cool Eastport backpacks that have built in pockets for your cell phone. Plus all the fun school supplies you could ever need before heading back to school, head over to walmart. Fashion is constantly changing and today changing the color of your eyes is as easy as changing your makeup. The fact is many women with perfect vision often think about what it would be like to have green eyes, blue eyes or even gray eyes. So what's stopping you? You'll never know how great color contacts look until you try them. It's easy with fresh look eyes, ask your optometrist.